Josuke Higashikata

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    The Josuke Higashikata of the alternate Jojo universe and the protagonist of the latest Jojo's Bizarre Adventure arc, Part 8: JoJolion.

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    Back Story

    Set in the fictional Japanese coastal town, Morioh and sometime after a great earthquake that cause a tsunami (a reference to the Tohoku earthquake) a young man suffering from amnesia was discovered by a girl, Yasuho Hirose. The man later dubbed "Josuke" sets out with Yasuho to discover who he truly is.

    Physical Traits

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    Josuke's age is believed to be around 19. He is fit, attractive male of above normal height. A unique characteristic of Josuke is that his eyes and tongue appear to be two separate body parts fused together. Like several Jojo's before him, he has a five point star birthmark located on his left shoulder blade. He wears a classic white and blue sailor naval uniform.

    True Identity

    Josuke finds out his true identity in the later plot that he is actually a merged person based on Josefumi Kujo and Yoshikage Kira. Those two person somehow merges under the mysterious power of rokakaka fruit. Josuke gains a similar appearance to Kira and his Stand from Josefumi. He also seems stronger than normal person since he punches really fast, that might because of he is a merged person.

    Powers and Abilities

    Soft & Wet

    Soft & Wet
    Soft & Wet

    Stands, supernatural forces that bind themselves to an individual, carrying out a symbiotic relationship with that person, defending them and endowing them with their power. Josuke's stand is Soft & Wet, a robotic-like humanoid, that along with super strength and speed as the ability to Plunder. Plundering is the ability to take properties of a living being or an object, such as stealing the sight from a human or the friction force from a surface. In order to Plunder, Josuke expels bubbles from his birthmark, these bubbles make contact with the target and removes the desired trait. The true limitations of this power are not yet known.

    Soft & Wet Go Beyond

    Josuke's new power after he understands the structure of bubbles he shoots better. He finds out that the bubbles he shoots each contain a vibrating line. Then he learns to shoot bubbles made of several spinning lines, those bubbles are "things don't belong to or exist in the physical world." This new power is named Soft & Wet Go beyond. Those bubbles are invisible and intangible, so they cannot be stopped or discovered, and they can hit and destroy things they contact. Josuke also seems able to teleport those amplified bubbles to places he targeted, at least he once lets those bubbles pop out from a phone's screen in another place.


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