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Josie - Obedience Training - 6 pages

Easy Bake Oven - 1 page Kenner ad

Josie Teach In - The Eyes Have It - 2 pages

Josie - Love At First Sight - 6 pages

Valerie - Insurance Policy - 3 pages

Li'l Jinx - Spring Is Busting Out All Over - 1 page

Josie - Fun And Games - 1 page

NBC Saturday Morning - The Terrific Ten - feat. Pink Panther, Underdog, Jetsons, Houndcats, Roman Holidays, Barkleys, Sealab 2020, Runaround w/ Paul Winchell & Jerry Mahoney - 2 pages

Josie - Follow The Leader - 6 pages (cover adventure story)

Josie - The Missionary - 5 pages

Dear Josie - reader mail - 2 pages

Josie - Kissin' Cousins - 5 pages

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