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Josh Atwater was one among thousands of humans suddenly drafted by the Worldmind into the Nova Corps. An increase in endorphin levels in his brain and subliminal messages coerced him into being an happy and loyal Nova Centurion.

When the Nova Corps interfered in the war between the Kree and the Shi'ar, Josh was assigned to Cohort 86. This was a battle group that would follow the direct lead of Malik Tarcel to rescue a Kree world the Shi'ar were attempting to annex. The experience was thrilling for Josh, who expressed himself to be a major video game junkie. He remarked that he would never go back to playing video games after this. The graphics would simply never hold up. He fought alongside Suki Yumiko, who felt his enthusiasm was misplaced. But he insisted he understood the seriousness of their situation.

The battle seemed to be going well, and the Shi'ar forces began to retreat. However, those forces were only pulling out so the Imperial Guard could come in. Josh was easily defeated by the more experience Imperial Guard, as were the rest of Cohort 86. They were forced to surrender and taken prisoner. Unfortunately, Xenith of the Shi'ar decided she felt more like having target practice than prisoners. Josh Atwater was executed along with his fellow Nova Centurions.

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