Josephine Pulaski

    Character » Josephine Pulaski appears in 10 issues.

    Josephine "Joey" Pulaski was the first super powered individual Spider-Man encountered.

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    Joey Pulaski was born with abnormal DNA and was subjected to chemical and radiological treatments throughout her early life. The treatments eventually triggered the emergence of super powers making it uncertain if she is a mutant or a mutate. Her powers allow her to control energy fields for a variety of purposes. She could set up explosions, create forcefields and levitate herself or other people and objects. She could lift a bulldozer with her fields but could not keep super strong opponents contained for long.


    Pulaski was created by Kurt Busiek and Paul Lee.and first appeared in Amazing Fantasy Vol.1 issue 16 (1995).

    Major Story Arcs

    Meeting Spider-Man

    Joey mostly intended to have fun with her powers but did sell her services to the Kingpin for money. She befriended Spider-Man until the latter realized the girl was a fledgling supervillain. Kingpin had Joey fight against Spider-Man, resulting in her defeat and police arrest.


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