Joseph Irons

    Character » Joseph Irons appears in 9 issues.

    Joe is Pete Stanchek's best friend. Joe has a diagnosed borderline personality disorder with schizophrenic tendencies.

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    Valiant Entertainment 2012

    Joe has been on the run with Peter Stancheck for seven months, bouncing around from city to city ever since they broke out of the hospital together. Peter is definitely the keeping Joe in check by making sure he takes his meds regularly. Joe doesn't like taking the meds but since Peter can read minds, he's not fooling him. When Joe decides to spit out his meds, Peter is distracted by Kris Hathaway and leaves Joe alone. Joe then takes it upon himself to go feed the pigeons where he is caught by the police.

    At the police station, Joe runs into Mr. Tull who apparently is no stranger to Joe. Given the dialogue between the two, Mr. Tull has been chasing Peter and Joe ever since they broke out of the hospital. Mr. Tull eventually let's Joe go in a plot to have Joe lead him right to Peter, which worked.

    As soon as Joe reunites with Peter, dozens of Project Rising Spirit soldiers show up ready to capture Peter. Their attempt is very unsuccessful. After the encounter, Rachel Dopson and Edward Sedgewick from the Harbinger Foundation arrive and they pick up Peter along with Joe and Kris. Along the ride, Rachel tell Peter that Joe and Kris need to stay behind. As Joe exits the vehicle, he is freaked out and tells Peter that he is the most terrifying person he knows. This upsets Peter to hear that from his only friend.


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