Jose Hidalgo

    Character » Jose Hidalgo appears in 15 issues.

    A member of the New York Police Department, José Hidalgo is a Hispanic man with past connections to Thornn & Feral.

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    José Hidalgo grew up in the Bronx, in the same area as the Callasantos family. As he was growing up, he had a crush on Lucía Callasantos and watched from afar as the various members of her family died. At the time he was unaware of Lucía's developing mutation, or why Lucía and her sister María mysteriously disappeared after the murder of their mother.With a sense of justice and determination to help people he joined the New York Police Department later in life. He worked hard and rose through the ranks to become a detective for Code: Blue within the NYPD.

    A Tale of Deception & Death

    Years later the remains of a man were discovered in the wall of a derelict warehouse. The body had been mutilated beyond initial recognition, and had to be identified by dental records; he had been Harry Bellinger, step-father to María and Lucía Callasantos. By then, Lucia was known as the mutant Thornn, and her sister had grown into the Mutant Liberation Front member called Feral. Thornn was located and arrested. She became the focus of a media hate campaign, with Friends of Humanity protesters demanding justice outside of the police station where she was being held. Hidalgo suspected that the FoH would try something, and he was keen to uncover the truth over the deaths in Lucia's family. Therefore he contacted Cable & X-Force for help.

    Hidalgo Held Hostage
    Hidalgo Held Hostage

    The Friends of Humanity substituted the police officers who were allocated to drive the armoured transporter with Thornn & Hidalgo in it. X-Force suspected the FoH's plans and had already organised to defeat them and free their hostages. Hidalgo then led them back to the abandoned Callasantos family home in the Bronx where Feral was waiting for them.As they moved through the empty property Feral attacked and took Hidalgo hostage. She violently dragged him around the property, using him as a human shield to keep X-Force's attacks at bay. As they went further up inside the building, both Feral & Thornn began to unravel their tragic origin stories; how Matteo & Carolina tragically died in suspicious circumstances while they were only infants, while Harry Bellinger was a drug addict and would sexually abuse the girls and that their mother subsequently killed María's pet pigeons. Eventually Feral dragged him all the way to the rooftop where she made her final confession. She had watched while her little brother was unable to pull himself up from the roof, that she killed Harry before he raped her sister, and finally how she murdered her mother in retaliation for destroying the only living creatures that she had ever loved. Cannonball's attack disabled Feral and Hidalgo was able to arrest her. Although both sisters were taken in for questioning, he made sure that they would receive a fair trial.

    Powers & Skills

    Jose Hidalgo is a regular human being and therefore has no super human powers.As an experienced member of Code: Blue and the NYPD he has the physique, strength and agility of an adult male who exercise on a regular basis. His body and mind have received elite police training, and as such he has a keen detective's intellect and sharp marksmanship with hand held firearms.


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