Jonny Double

    Character » Jonny Double appears in 32 issues.

    An ex-police officer, currently working as a private investigator in San Francisco.

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    Little is known about Jonny Double's early life. At some point he became a member of the San Francisco police force, where he rose to the rank of detective. He spent some time as a plainclothes detective before quitting the force and opening his own private investigation firm in San Francisco.


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    Double was created by Len Wein and Marv Wolfman. he first appeared in Showcase #78 in November 1968.

    Major Story Arcs

    Private Eye

    Double takes on numerous cases, ranging from the mundane and everyday work of the average private eye, to larger scale work that leads to encounters with such powerful figures as Wonder Woman, Power Girl and the Challengers of the Unknown.

    Two Finger Discount

    One of Double's investigations, into the doings of a young woman named Faith, causes him to become embroiled in a scheme to obtain money from a bank account that once belonged to notorious gangster Al Capone. He finds himself quickly entangled in plots woven by numerous players in the scheme, and it is soon revealed that the money is currently in the possession of gangster Vic Dalenozzo. Double is almost killed by Dalenozzo, but manages to save his own life by revealing Faith's treachery.

    Powers and Abilities

    Double has no known superhuman powers or abilities. He is a skilled hand-to-hand fighter, and has some proficiency with weaponry, particularly guns. He was trained by the police, and has largely retained the investigative skills and physical fitness gained there. He is more known for his tenacity in the pursuit of a case than for his actual skill as a detective.


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