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    The controversial presenter has a career that spans decades on many British television channels and radio stations. He has been a fan of American comic books since a child, and therefore amassed a collection over many tens of thousands of comics. He even created a BBC documentary about Steve Ditko.

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    Born on November 17th, 1960, Jonathan Ross is a British radio and television personality. Jonathan Ross is a lifelong comic book fan and close friend of Mark Millar.

    Ross' first major comic book contribution came with the vampire comic book Turf, which he worked on with artist Tommy Lee Edwards, which was published by Image . The story is set around a family of vampire's, who have different opinions of how they should treat the world around them, and is set in a noir/sci-fi, style, as it also includes aliens. Ross has also been linked to Mark Millar, in which Turf has seems to have left Image and is not printed in CLiNT. Ross has also went on to write the reality TV style series America's Got Powers alongside artist Bryan Hitch, which has also been published by Image. The main character is Tommy Watts, who at the start of the series is powerless, and considered of no use. He later gets powers, which causes amazement to himself, and everyone else (mainly the people running America's Got Powers), all trying to understand how this happened.

    Ross has been married to Jane Goldman for many years and supported her screenwriting career which has taken off recently with credits for Stardust, Kick-Ass, and X-Men: First Class .


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