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    Jonathan Deus Hickman is a writer and artist that has worked for Marvel Comics. He is currently working at Image Comics on East of West, The Black Monday Murders and The Dying & the Dead.

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    Jonathan Hickman garnered attention as a writer with his creator-owned work for Image Comics, beginning with the Nightly News in 2007. The Nightly News earned him an Eisner nomination in 2008 for Best Limited Series. He quickly followed this work with Pax Romana, Transhuman and Red Mass for Mars. All three of these limited series were also published by Image Comics.

    After doing some minor work for Marvel Comics, Hickman got his big break at the company with Secret Warriors, a team of superheroes run by Nick Fury and created by Brian Michael Bendis during Secret Invasion. Since Hickman was a relatively unknown writer at the time, Secret Warriors was launched with both his and Bendis' name attached to it as co-writers. However, he did the bulk of the writing from the start and the series soon ran under only his own name in the writing credit. The series was a critical and commercial success, and Hickman initially planned out an overall story that would run for 60 issues. A year or so into the series, he decided to cut that down to half with Secret Warriors being set at issue 28 for its final issue. He cited pacing concerns as the reason he chose to trim the story.

    Hickman also wrote S.H.I.E.L.D., a limited series telling the secret history of the Marvel Universe and starring actual historical figures like Leonardo Da Vinci. Elements of this series tied into Secret Warriors as well as his next big assignment for Marvel Comics, Fantastic Four.

    After writing Dark Reign: Fantastic Four, Hickman was given the job of regular writer for Fantastic Four. His run received more critical appreciation than the run it followed by Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch, and it culminated in the story arc named Three, which featured the newsworthy death of the Human Torch. The story proved to be a substantial sales success. Fantastic Four was ended and relaunched simply as FF, the first issue of which debuted as the best selling comic of the month by a large margin. The team was reimagined as the Future Foundation, complete with totally new costumes and an expanded cast than included Spider-Man.

    Among the wave of new Thor books being published in the months leading up to the Thor movie, Hickman wrote the Ultimate Thor limited series. The story was set before the character's original debut in Mark Millar's Ultimates, showing how exactly Asgard fell and how Thor ended up on Earth. Shortly after the series ended, Hickman was announced as one of the writers who would be at the helm of the Ultimate Universe after the Death of Spider-Man event. Specifically, Hickman was named the writer of the relaunched Ultimates ongoing series as well as writer of an Ultimate Comics Hawkeye limited series.

    Hickman subsequently went on to write 2012's The Avengers, New Avengers, and Avengers World for the Marvel Now! relaunch, and in 2013 wrote the Infinity miniseries, which tied in to these three series. In 2015 he led the Secret Wars story line, which was a continuation of the events that had been transpiring with his previous series since 2014, with the Time Runs Out story line.

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