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    Jonathan Harker, an English lawyer turned fearless, bloodthirsty vampire hunter. The true protagonist of Bram Stroker's novel Dracula.

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    Jonathan Harker was an English solicitor sent to Transylvania to finalize a deal with a mysterious, eccentric and reclusive nobleman known as Count Dracula, who wished to purchase various properties in England. Upon his return home to England, Harker was to be married to his sweetheart Mina Murray, who was a school teacher.

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    During his extended stay with the Count, he documented his strange experiences and observations in great detail in his diary, an item that would prove extremely important in the future. Jonathan noticed that during the day the Count was nowhere to be found in the castle, and was only around at night. He even saw Dracula climbing down the side of the castle wall like an animal.

    Going against he Count's warnings, Harker out of curiosity, explored the castle and encountered and almost feasted upon by the Count's Brides, fortunately he was saved by Dracula and then witnessing them devouring a newborn child.

    Trapped in the castle, with every door locked, the young lawyer decided to scaled the castle walls to escape and found Dracula's room full of treasures and found Dracula laying in a box of earth, eyes open and blood on his lips. Harker even attempted to kill Dracula with a shovel, but to his astonishment, the blow did no damage.

    Harker realized that there was no way out of the castle, and he was Dracula's prisoner. He began to panic, hardly able to believe what was happening, but he never gave up. Dracula then left to England, trapping Jonathan with the voluptuous bloodthirsty brides. Harker eventually managed to escape the castle with his life and his sanity barely intact.

    He found shelter in a local convent and suffered from a violent brain fever and his hair turned prematurely gray and soon white from immense mental strain. He was then married to his love, Mina and traveled back to England, where he inherited his boss' fortune and learned of Lucy Westerna's death and of Dr. Van Helsing's help with the current circumstances. Dracula was already reigning terror and took the life of Lucy, Mina's friend, as well as buying more properties to store and scatter his boxes of earth to rest.

    Harker's diary proved to be an essential tool to learn Dracula's habits, motivations and predicting his actions. Using his lawyer skills, he managed to track down all the properties purchased by Dracula, and destroyed the boxes of earth. His involvement becomes very personal when Mina became a victim of Dracula and began becoming a vampire, Harker swore revenge and began carrying a Kukri knife.

    Dracula, desperately fled to his homeland with Harker and his band of vampire hunters (Lord Holmwood, Quincey Morris, Dr. Seward and Dr. Van Helsing) on his tail. In a exciting race to reach Dracula before it turned nightfall, where his power was at its fullest and he would be easily able to kill them. Dracula resting in a box of Transylvania earth being guarded by loyal and vicious Gypsies, traveling by ship, horseback carriage and etc.

    Fortunately, in time Harker and his gang of vampire hunters were able to catch up to Dracula and his loyal Gypsy warriors and a fight ensued in which Quincey was fatally wounded.

    Harker proved his bravery by reaching Dracula and slashing through his throat with his Kukri knife (possibly be-heading him) and Quincey impaling his heart with his Bowie knife. Dracula turned to ashes and Mina become human again. In honor of Quincey Morris, they named their son Quincey.


    A ambitious, enthusiastic young lawyer whose intelligence and rationality were his greatest strengths. Harker was a very well read, prim, proper, and well spoken young man that was extremely observant, taking in as much detail as possible. He loved his sweetheart Mina Murray immensely and was devoted to her. Harker uses his rationality, resourcefulness and undying spirit to escape Castle Dracula and avoid a fate of insanity like Renfield and succumbing to the bloodlust of Dracula's brides.

    Harker also wasn't very religious or superstitious, heeding warnings from traveling Gypsies about Dracula's castle, he was given a rosary which he described as idolatrous, yet the cross saves his life and he begins to have faith. He loved Mina so much, that he secretly vowed that if she was to become a vampire, he would as well.

    As the story goes on, Harker goes through a transformation from bright, curious lawyer to a serious, somber, fearless vampire hunter. During the vicious fight against the Gypsies, the young lawyer surprised all by charging through the loyal Gypsy warriors and lifting the crate containing the resting Dracula and with almost superhuman strength lifting it and throwing it to the ground. Where he immediately slashes through Dracula's throat in a powerful rage.



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