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Jonah Hex 0

 By The Angry Comic Book Critic Jonah Hex the movie……FFFFFFFFFFFFUCK!!!!!!! Thank you once again Hollywood you’ve destroyed another classic hero! No it wasn’t enough you had to do it to Batman, Superman, Steel, Howard the Duck, The Hulk, The Phantom even Spiderman got raped by you shit heads and your poor story telling, bad casting and above all else greed!...Okay I’m calm now I just needed to say that. I mean my god I saw this movie for free and got a t-shirt, cup, poster, Jonah Hex #1 of the...

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why can't you make it better? 0

i've been wondering why you always take a best novel by making it worst?... jonah hex suppose to be a good and best novel, you should have made it lively and thrilling. what's the matter with you people, dc novels are great and you just sabotage it. next time, don't make a movie with a cheap budget. sorry to say this but you're making dc novels worst. why not sell it to other companies, they might make it better....

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Why!!! 5

Go this was a horrible movie lets review why 1. Megan Fox was in it 2. the story line sucked 3. DC comics 4. Not Marvel  even though i prefer Marvel over DC this was just sad and pathetic and that why if i could i would give it a 0/5...

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People might hate me for this. 1

This is the feature film of DC's western hero Jonah Hex with Megan Fox as a stripper.  The Story: Quentin Turnbull stole components for a machine and the power source that are Dragon Balls to attack the capital of the United States on the 4th of July and the gouverment hires Jonah Hex to stop him.  The Good: I realize that is movie is despised by many,many people that saw it but to me it is a guilty pleasure because I found so many things that I enjoyed.Josh Brolin does a very good as Jonah Hex ...

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Revenge 0

Westerns are often branded as stories about a man seeking revenge and as far as I´m concern this flick was at least interesting at the point of the character development (Jonah Hex) and the good acting of Josh Brolin, delivering an interesting performance of the man who lost everything in name of the honor - I believe that, and the great goddess that is Megan Fox, are the only good things about this movie: the story was very common and unninteresting, very boring to say the true, especially the ...

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What A miss 1

I can not begin to tell you how much i wanted to like this movie. I had even deluded myself into thinking everyone who had dissed it was not really getting it. I love the comic. It has an old west feel to it. However instead of telling a straight up western story, they decided to make this Jonah Hex like the short lived Vertigo run. That is to say it is without any intelligent writing or a story. The plot is pretty thin also. No matter what i turned to in order to like this movie, it turned ...

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Ugly Character, Ugly Film 0

Jonah Hex may be an excellent example of how to make a flop of a movie. It was simply that bad. I’m only passingly familiar with the character but I do know that he is not supposed to be able to raise the dead even though they got most of the rest right. I thought that bit just simply didn’t make that much sense and was a vain attempt to throw in a supernatural element to the film. Why? I don’t know and apparently neither did the filmmakers.The storyline is barely comprehensibl...

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