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The most feared bounty hunter of the Old West mixes it up in this volume, which features a story about his origins. In this volume, we learn more about Hex’s savage origins and how love played a crucial part in making him the bounty hunter he became.

Back Blurb

Dead men tell these tales

Apache slave. Confederate soldier. The mot feared bounty hunter in the West...

The legend of Jonah Hex is as scarred and twisted as the disfigured face of the gunslinger himself. And unlike the tall tales your grandma told you, the stories involving Hex don't have happy endings...

Hit notoriety is well earned as Hex must be as vicious as his Quarry: men like Bloody Jack, Earl the Butcher and the Gray Ghost -- criminals whose names are the least terrifying thing about them. To support himself and hid habits, Hex shoots to kill in a time and place where "Dead or Alive" isn't up for debate.

Comics; toughest hombres, Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, are joined by a murderer's row of artists: Vincente Alcazar, Phil Winslade, Jordi Bernet, CP Smith, Giancarlo Caracuzzo and Brian Stelfreeze, to take you on a tour of the worst the West has to offer.







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