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Wanted: Dead Or Alive!

This time, the bounty hunter is wanted for murder!

The Good 

The combined efforts of Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti always make for fantastic story-telling; and this time is no different. If you have been picking up the most recent issues of Jonah Hex at your local shop, then you will know that the creative team has been cranking out several self contained stories. In a medium with massive ongoing storylines, cross-overs and story arcs that last for 10+ issues; it's rather refreshing to be able to pick up a Jonah Hex comic (after not reading the last two) and be able to jump into the story without any problems. Not only is issue #67 of Jonah Hex a self contained story, it's a very good self contained story- which doesn't always happen with one shot issues. 
For a man who is usually chasing after hard criminals, it's interesting to see Jonah Hex as the one being chased! The story opens up with an entire town demanding that Hex be delivered to them, dead or alive for the murder of many women and children in the town. Combined with Jordi Bernett's interiors, Gray and Palmiotti weave a tale that will capture the reader, and give you a unique reading experience. Not many people can make the reader feel like they have been sucked into a western; but Gray and Palmiotti definitely do that here. The mood changes after the first page, and we get the story from Hex's point of view. This issue reinforces the idea that Jonah Hex has killed many men, and that he often does not think twice about their death when it comes to obtaining a bounty. However, Palmiotti and Gray still manage to give a victim of Hex's an identity in this issue, even after death. I found it very interesting. 

The Bad 

Once again, another self contained Jonah Hex comic that I feel could have easily been expounded upon by the creative team. These guys could have easily delved deeper and drawn the story out for at least another issue. 

The Verdict 

It isn't often that a writer can suck me into their world, but Palmiotti and Gray seem to do that with this issue of Jonah Hex. The kicker? These guys make it look so easy. Highly recommend this issue to anyone who is new to Jonah Hex as it is entertaining for avid fans as well as accessible to new readers. 

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