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Sturdy Story Eventually Falls Down and Sinks in the Swamp

Jonah Hex -- in the swamp?
Jonah Hex -- in the swamp?

I thought this was going to be a five star issue. It started out fantastic. Taking Jonah Hex out of the West and putting him in the Louisina Bayou was just the change of scenery that was needed to add some life back into this title.

The art was also a great improvement over last issue; The bad guys seemed extra-villainous. In fact the story, which dealt with Hex rowing a dugout into the swamp in search of his friend Gator Hawes who disappeared two months ago, seemed to be the most interesting storyline since the Carlotta's gold story of a couple issues back.

But then it starts to fall completely apart in the last few pages. Hex manages to survive a shotgun blast to the head. Hex takes out one villain by hitting him with the gate of his prison cell, but never bothers to see if the guy is actually unconscious (no reason to suspect he'd be dead) - so of course he shows back up, inconveniently for Hex, a few panels later to interrupt as Hex had the drop on his partner (his son) - something that shouldn't have happened either, as the partner should've been alerted to trouble by the sound of a gunshot just outside the cabin he was in.

And that cabin - by the end of the fight, which was only about a page, was become completely flooded without warning. Hex and the elder of the adversaries climb to the roof to finish the fight, but in a true deus ex-machina ending, the bad guy is speared by a weather vane (in an incident that is not very clearly drawn) when the house collapses. Fortunately for Hex, it only collapsed enough for the bad guy to die, but not enough to drown him as he managed to cling to it for the rest of the night.

There's enough good stuff in this issue to give it at least four stars, and enough bad stuff to give it at most two - I'm leaving it at three, but I feel that's being a little bit generous.

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