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Jonah Hex in the Wild Bunch

Has Jonah joined the Wild Bunch?
Has Jonah joined the Wild Bunch?

'Violence at Veracruz', the story from issue 10 of Jonah Hex wraps up the Carlotta's gold storyline.

The story picks up where last issue left off. Hex manages to free himself from Papagayo's slow-death trap, and manages to report for duty to lead the Mexican army detachment to the fortress to take possession of a gold shipment bound for Mexico City.

But El Papagayo's men, however, ambush the caravan, killing every man but Jonah Hex. They then don the army uniforms of the dead (miraculously hole and blood free), and then force Hex to help them acquire the gold.

The men are discovered to be imposters, but manage to break out of the dungeon they've been imprisoned in, taking Hex with them and making a run with the loot. But the Federales are hot on their trail!

While it differs in the details, the story is reminiscent of the Sam Peckinpah film The Wild Bunch, which was the likely inspiration. It makes for a nice wrap up to this brief story arc.

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