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The West at it's Finest

By The Angry Comic Book Critic
      Wow you know what the day I read this was the same day I saw what was arguably the worst comic book movie of all time can you guess what it is?....If you guessed Jonah Hex then NO FUCKING SHIT!!!! Yeah this comic was a part of my prize pack when I won tickets to see this film a few months back along with a poster, T-shirt, Cup and rub on tattoo's and you know what despite seeing the movie for free and getting free stuff in addition to it I still wanted $12.50 in addition to all that stuff just to make up for time wasted I mean it the only good thing about that night was this comic this humble 32 page comic was one million times better than the live action film the story was a subtle and gritty western if they wanted a good film they should have done a direct adaptation of this as anthology piece with his origin and his death tied into the film then everyone would have been happy. This comic is proof of everything great about Jonah Hex the movie is proof of everything wrong with Hollywood. I love this comic but I hate the film. Well time to dive in a review this golden book.
       The Story is simple it's about Jonah Hex trying to bring how a missing child to his father after some searching he finds him at a circus it where he among other children were forced into fighting ferocious attack dogs the child unfortunately has contracted rabies due his fight with a rabid dog so Hex has no choice but to kill him by smothering him with a pillow but before he does he promises the boy he will tell his dad that he died like a man. Now I have to save this was probably one of the most emotional moments in comic Jonah Hex has to put a child out of his misery I never like to see kids die not even in comics but I can safely say it's what turned this book from being just a good comic into a masterpiece of the craft. Now Jonah isn't happy with the man who did this. NOT. ONE. BIT. So he gives the piece of shit exactly what he deserves after covering the man in blood he lets loose the dogs that slowly eat him alive pure poetry and a fitting end for that piece of human garbage. Now the art in this comic is perfect for what they where going for in the series it's colorful but at the same time captures the dark gritty mood of the story. Now I highly recommend this comic to any fan of the Jonah Hex or just comics in general I personally guarantee you will not be disappointed
      I'm the Angry Comic Book Critic and this gets the Stamp of Approval.
Jonah Hex #1

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