Jon Talbain

    Character » Jon Talbain appears in 33 issues.

    Jon Talbain is a Makai afflicted with the curse of lycanthropy since birth.He has never known his parents.

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    Talbain is known as Gallon in Japanese media.

    Jon Talbain(or Gallon as known in Japanese media) is a member of the Kreutz family, which is one of the seven noble Makai families. Still, even though it is a noble family, it's better for it to be called an army of warriors and fighters. Though their numbers are few, their member possess powerful one hit attacks and are feared as the "Bullet of Makai".

    Baraba Kreutz, father of Jon Talbain and title as "Wolf Lord", was the leader of the royal guardsmen to the Kreutz family. Through his eyes, you could see that he had endured much and been in several near-death situations. Twenty years ago, Baraba had wondered into the human world. Even though he has lost most of his memories of being there, he still remembers a woman that took care of him while he was there. When he had returned to the realm of the Makai he became a fighter of the Kreutz family. Demitri had once said that Baraba was his best rival, and even found beauty in the fighting ways that Baraba possessed. Ten years after he had returned from the human world, Baraba just up and disappeared.

    Jon Talbain has never killed a human on purpose, he has always been lost to his rage when he has. He also never married or bore children into the human world, or to the Makai realm. Jon stands roughly 6'1" or 186cm tall. He likes to be alone, but will help anyone that gets lost or crosses his path(those who do not have the intention of harming him).


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