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Jon Jarl was a member of the Space Patrol who flew his one man rocket ship around the solar system looking for wrongs to right, monsters to stop and space explorers to rescue.  



Written by Otto Bender, a well-known author of science fiction in the 30s and 40s, he also worked in comics.

For the first 25 years of their existence the United States Post Office made it a rule that all comic books had to have at least two pages that were all text or they could not ship via the mail at the cheaper 2 rate of postage. (For instance loosing that right was one of the things that put Gilberton, the publishers of Classic Illustrated, out of business even through their publications were doing well at the time.)

No One read them, to both fill this necessity each month and try to come up with something that the buyers of CMA might actually read Bender wrote a two page text mini science fiction adventure about Lt. Jon Jarl of the Space Patrol. As such there were hardly any pictures save for a small one at the start of each story.

No one read them.


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