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    The "JoJo" or protagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure part six, Stone Ocean.

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    Jolyne Cujoh is one of the descendants of the original "JoJo" Jonathan Joestar, he is her great-great-great grandfather. Being part of the same timeline as that, the events of Jolyne's life is tied to the life of Jonathan and even more so to her own father Jotaro Kujo.


    Jolyne is a moderately angry and snappy young woman. She has shown to be both rude and crass to people of all languages. She is shown to be a vehement swearer, being able to flip people off in four differen languages. She had been a delinquent for most of her life, in fact at the beginning of the series she had just been sentenced to prison for 15 years. Though she has a rough exterior, Jolyne is shown to be able to showcase a high level of love and empathy for both her friends and family. Jolyne has a great tactical mind. She constantly suprises and fools her opponents by using her not so powerful stand in a myriad of powerful and remarkable ways. In this way she could be considered a combat or fighting genius. She exhibits an observance of a critical mind and lateral thinking.


    Jolyne Cujoh's appearance is one of the weirdest aspects of the character. Her actual physical attributes are completely normal. It's her outside appearances that are sort of strange. Her appearances constantly change, sometimes between manga chapters. Her five basic "Looks" are as follows.

    Look 1: Short skirt or pants, shin-high boots, halter top. Introduced as somewhat frail and not too muscular.
    Look 2: same as look 1 with pants and added prison shirt/jacket. Worn while spending first week in prison. The jacket is short, covering her lower back to hip area. Still drawn as a somewhat frail girl.
    Look 3: "The series 3 look". Basically, look 2 with a longer jacket to match Jotaro's coat length. Jolyne is now shown with a bit more muscle than before. She is presented as stronger than before, but still smooth and curvy.
    Look 4: After F.F dies. Look 3 with a belly ring that she gave herself while she was in solitary confinement, purportedly due to boredom. Jolyne starts to lose her femininity a bit and becomes borderline masculine. She has a highly visible Adam's Apple now.
    Look 5: After she escapes prison. Shredded muscle shirt that resembles her halter top from before, with an altered design on the chest. Two mini-belts over the rib area (one belt by the end). A cloth armlet adorns one forearm. Still has unexplained belly ring, but she loses it in the end chapters. Different belt with a long cape attached to back. Jolyne looks significantly more muscular than look 4. Depending on the frame, she sometimes looks female, sometimes looks male

    Her looks are very tied to her emotions and mental processes at the time. Her appearance is also tied to the image of a butterfly.


    Jolyne Cujoh is a sixth generation of the Joestar lineage, that is beginning with her great-great-great grandfather Johnathan Joestar. Her relationship with her father, Jotaro Kujo, was nearly non-existent. Even when she was six and fell deathly ill, he was not able to come see her, as he was working. The abandonment of her father left her with feelings of loneliness and bitterness. Never knowing her father left to protect her and the world, Jolyne's bitterness increased and eventually she began acting out and acting badly, eventually culminating in criminal acts.

    She was arrested for the first time when she fourteen. She found a wallet that contained five dollars in it, she quickly pocketed the money and was caught by the owner the wallet and his son. He pulled out his cellphone to call the police, and the situation escalated badly from there, resulting in Jolyne panicking, stealing the man's car, and almost immediately crashing it into two parked cars. She was charged with car theft, but got off light because of her age. Despite her mother pleading with him on the phone, her father would not alter his plans to come see her.

    At some point out of this, Jolyne managed to join some sort of motorcycle gang, though this part of her life is shown shadowy, not much is known about it. Besides the fact that she received a butterfly tattoo.

    She was riding in her boyfriend's car, drinking and messing around with him, when a man jumped out into the road and they hit him, killing him. She wanted to call an ambulance, but her boyfriend refused, and managed to talk her into helping him hide the body in the trunk of his car. He promised to take care of everything...unfortunately, by 'take care' he apparently meant 'sell her up the river'. A few days later the police arrested her, having been told a version of events in which she stole her boyfriend's car, went drunk driving with it, and then hit the man and hid the body.

    She refused to tell the truth, for fear of her boyfriend going to jail. Her lawyer offered her a plea bargain which would result in her getting only a few years of probation, and she took it. The Plea bargain, however, was bogus; her lawyer was a crook, and working for her boyfriend, who wanted her put away so that he could get away scot-free. Because of this deception, Jolyne wound up pleading guilty and sentenced to a full fifteen years in Green Dolphin Street Correctional Facility.

    Right before being sent to Green Dolphin, Jolyne recieved a bunch of possessions from her mother, including a locket that her father had told her to give Jolyne if she ever got in trouble. Jolyne opened it up, and pricked her finger on a piece of stone inside. She threw it away shortly thereafter, but the wound closed up very quickly.

    That stone was in fact the head of a Stone Arrow, an artifact that bestows Stand powers on those that it wounds. Shortly after she inadvertantly used it, she developed the power to unravel her body into strings, which eventually turned into a full-powered Stand, a power she named Stone Free. She used Stone Free first to take revenge on her lawyer, when he came to the prison on business; as he left, she strangled him and made him crash his car on the bridge.

    She was not the only Stand user within the prison, not by half. Some of them, like her new friend Hermes and her cellmate Guess, acquired Stands after coming into possession of the locket she threw away...but there were others in Green Dolphin. Many others in fact.

    Shortly after her prison sentence began, her father finally came to visit her. In fact, he had come to bust her out: It turned out that she had been set up. Some gangsters had been paid to shove that man in the road in front of them. It had been arranged for her to have a corrupt lawyer who would ensure that she was sent to Green Dolphin. And the reason for that is that within Green Dolphin were some of Dio's former followers, who still sought vengeance against Jotaro for killing their master.

    They came under attack by those men, and fought their way out, almost making it to the submarine Jotaro had arranged for to take them away. However, witht he finish line almost in sight, they were ambushed and Jotaro had to choose whether to protect himself, or protect his daughter. He chose to protect Jolyne, and a stand called White Snake stole his soul, trandforming it into two discs: one containing his Stand, and the other containing his memories.

    This was what they had been after all along; they wanted to enact Dio's final plan, but Jotaro was the only one who knew its details. Jolyne was simply the bait to lure them in, so they could steal his memories and read them to get their instructions.

    Jolyne could have easily escaped at that point. However, she instead sent her father's body away in the submarine, and chose to stay in Green Dolphin, to recover her father's discs and revive him.

    She remained in the prison, battling with White Snake's minions and making allies of her own. She successfully recovered her father's Stand disc, and got it out of the prison to the Speedwagon Foundation, to revive his body. She discovered the identity of White Snake's user - Enrico Pucci, the prison chapel's priest. Right before the point I draw her from, she confronted Pucci face-to-face, and forced him to give up her father's memory in order to escape. In the process, however, he killed her ally and friend Foo Fighters, and badly injured pretty much everyone.

    After receiving Jotaro's stand disk, she finds herself confronting other stand users before being placed in the maximum security vicinity where she fought more stand users (which resulted in the birth of the Green Baby and a bloodbath that only she survived. After defeating Miu Miu, she escapes from the prison and encounters Romeo who she requests money and a car from. Romeo, apparently sorry for his actions that led to her arrest, gives her a thousand dollars and a helicopter before appearing to call the police to report her whereabouts but in reality, he tells the police that he received a call from her (rather than say she was at her place), despite his nobility, Jolyne uses Hermes' stand to destroy his tongue.

    While in the helicopter, she encounters a random stand that makes herself, Hermes and Emporio partially blind and sick before crashing the helicopter. Jolyne fights Rykiel (a son of Dio) after learning of his stand powers which included her igniting herself. Once the fight is finished, she, Hermes and Emporio go to the hospital where Pucci and another of Dio's sons, Donatello Versus, are planning to hide until the new moon in order to defeat Pucc


    Friends & Family

    Jolyne & Jotaro Kujo

    Jolyne is the daughter of Jotaro Kujo, the protagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure part 3: Stardust Crusaders. She has originally had a bitter relationship with, since Jotaro had abandoned her as a kid, and was near non-existent parenting to her upbringing and teenage years. Obviously their relationship didn't fit the usual father/daughter realtionship She eventually was able to form a moderate and then pretty great relationship to her father. Culminating to her almost idolizing him somewhat. Adopting his trademark "Yare yare daze" into a more feminine "Yare yare dawa", which roughly translates to "Gimme A Break." When they reunite they show some legitimate care and love for each other.

    Jolyne and Hermes Costello

    Hermes is considered to be the first true friend Jolyne had. In fact Hermes is quite possibly the closest person in the world. They meet while being kept in prison. She is her greatest ally. She participates in the majority of major battles that Jolyne appears in.

    Jolyne and Mother

    Jolyne's mother is never named, and not enough about her is known about her to understand her personality or not. Though it is usually understood that she had a pretty good relationship with her. Being extremely and uncritically fond of her. Calling her by her nickname JoJo.

    Jolyne and Foo Fighters

    Jolyne and Foo Fighters were originally enemies, even getting into a fight along with Hermes. But after they quickly became very good friends. They even

    Love Interests

    Jolyne and Romeo Jisso

    Jolyne's former boyfriend is depicted as a cowardly rich kid. She gave him permission to call her Jojo (if she could call him Rome-chu). Their relationship ended when Jolyne discovered that Romeo had framed her for a murder, landing her in prison for a crime she didn't commit. After she escapes from prison, Jolyne pays him a visit and he weeps for forgiveness. She hushes him, asks for cash and a car, and, after warning him not to betray her again, leaves him. Hermes held a duplicate of his tongue which transmitted whatever he said aloud and also served as a quick silencer should he chose to report them. Romeo gets a call from the police moments later but he misleads them, saying that Jolyne was headed for Mexico (when she's actually hunting Pucci). Though touched by his surprising loyalty, Jolyne still removes the sticker to rip his tongue apart.

    Jolyne and Weather Report

    Weather Report is an amnesiac stand user introduced by Emporio. When they first met, Jolyne seemed somewhat speechless around him (rare for her usually energetic personality). Anasui even suspects him to be a rival for Jolyne's love and is jealous when Jolyne is with him. For a while, fans in Japan speculated that these two were the official couple for series 6 until his past revealed him to be well into his thirties. Regardless, there are hints of Jolyne caring for Weather in a more-than-fraternal way.

    Jolyne and Narciso Anasui

    Narciso Anasui: Anasui is a crossdresser with homicidal tendencies, also introduced by Emporio. Though Anasui fell in love with Jolyne at first sight, the feeling wasn't mutual; Jolyne was not really sure what to think of him. He would sometimes try to seduce her in underhanded ways, such as asking F.F. to trip her down the stairs so he could romantically catch her or prompting a french kiss from a temporary-mute Jolyne. His romantic ploys are sources of comic relief, earning him a punch or tears of melodrama when he fails. Even so, he's truly devoted to her and will do everything in his power to keep her from being distressed. He has risked his life for her on more than one occasion and turns murderous when Jolyne is severely hurt. He's probably the closest to marrying Jolyne, as is hinted at the end of series 6 when Jolyne's alternate universe counterpart (Irene) states that Anasui's alternate universe counterpart (Annakiss) was going to drive them to meet with her father so that they could get married (In the first universe although he asked her father to marry her he didn't get a answer).

    Powers & Abilities

    Joylne's greatest power may be her mind. As stated in story and by a variety of enemies, Jolyne's power is not all that strong or powerful. By using her mind, she is able to use her stand's abilities in a variety of strong and deadly ways.

    Jolyne's special powers comes from her Stand called: Stone Free. It gives her the following powers.

    Super Strength: When the string is completely compacted into one place, it becomes incredible strong: the destructive force of Stone Free's punch is roughly equivalent to being hit by a small but incredibly fast-moving meteor.
    String Decomposition: Stone Free gives Jolyne the power to unravel herself as a string. She can completely unravel up to around 70% of her body and quickly reassemble it and has been shown to be able to stuff herself inside the mouths of others and use it to hide from view by unraveling her limbs. The string provides for more conventional usage as well, as Jolyne can also "cut" the string and make it independent from her body. This makes it useful for weaving nets or clothing to create disguises. Ironically, when the stand moves further away from Jolyne, it unravels itself.
    Stitching Wounds: Jolyne is able to use her stand ability to stitch any wounds sustained by her and her allies.
    Long-Distance Hearing: Stone Free also uses its ability to listen to faraway conversations via vibrations, similar to a can tied to string.
    Mobius Strip: To counteract C-Moon's inside-out ability, Jolyne used Stone Free to change the affected areas into the shape of mobius strips. Due to being shapes with no concept of inside or out, they are immune to C-Moon's effect and allows her to absorb would-be lethal attacks.


    Her body is that of a standard human being, and as such her body is capable of being hurt like in human being. As her body is made of string, any damage made to the string will reflect on her body. In fact, if she unravels her heart or brain, it could be outright fatal.


    Age 19
    Birthday: 1992
    Date of Death 2012
    Gender Female
    Height 174 cm or 5'7
    Weight 58 kg or 128lbs
    Hair Color Bi-colored


    Jolyne's stand is known as Stone Free. Stone Free takes on the appearance of a humanoid being wearing a pair of sunglasses and a physical build similar to Jolyne's body. Originally, the stand had more of a boyish appearance, though becomes more feminine towards the later half the arc (In contrast to Jolyne). The stand is completely made of string with a texture much like silk, though apparently smells like soap for reasons unknown As with most stands, Stone Free does not have a personality of its own, though Jolyne, like her father, also strings together "Ora Ora Ora" while pummeling an opponent with her fists. Though perhaps not the strongest, is praised for being both extremely quick and flexible. Jolyne, unlike her father, is not a naturally awakened stand user. She received her stand when she was cut by an amulet (later to be revealed a Stand-creating stone arrowhead in disguise) given to her by Jotaro.


    Name: Stone Free

    User: Jolyne Cujoh

    Power: A

    Speed: B

    Range: E, 1-2 Meters

    Learning: A

    Staying: A

    Precision: C

    Major Battles

    Jolyne vs Guess
    Jolyne & Jotaro vs Jongalli A & Whitesnake
    Jolyne & Hermes vs F.F.
    Jolyne, Hermes & F.F vs Mirashon
    Jolyne & Weather Report vs Lang Wrangler
    Jolyne & Weather Report vs Enrico Pucci
    Jolyne, Hermes & F.F vs Sports Max
    Jolyne vs Viviano Westwood
    Jolyne & Annasui vs Green Baby
    Jolyne & Annasui vs Yo-Yo Ma
    Jolyne vs Pucci
    Jolyne & Emporio vs Miu Miu
    Jolyne & Hermes vs Rykiel
    Jolyne & Hermes vs Donatello Versus
    Jolyne, Hermes, & Annasui vs C-Moon
    Jolyne, Hermes, Annasui & Jotaro vs Enrico Pucci & Made In Heaven (Death)
    Jolyne & Weather Report, In Spirit Emporio Vs Enrico Pucci


    • Jolyne is often symbolized with a butterfly. The butterfly design on her shirt combined with the spiderweb design of her outfit suggests her entrapment and innocence in life.
    • In one of his introduction columns, it is hinted that some fans may have complained about Jolyne's appearances being too "manly". Araki responded that "whether he draws women or men doesn't matter..." and entreated readers to focus on the importance of character.
    • She has an image of a knife sporting butterfly wings tattooed by the hollow of her left elbow - the design/butterfly type of it changes frequently. The tattoo is a sign of her past membership in a car-stealing gang. It's hinted that she had been arrested before while in the gang, presumably to protect the other members.
    • Her prison card that she holds states that her name is "Cujoh Jolyne". She was transferred to Green Dolphin St. Prison on Nov. 23, 2011.
    • Jolyne's stated sentence was to be 15 years in prison for vehicular manslaughter while under the influence of alcohol. After her father's attempt to break her out, she was given an extended sentence of up to 20 years in prison. She never actually serves the full sentence, however, and it is implied that her alternate universe counterpart Irene lives a happier life.
    • Some people have also joked about her hairstyle mimicking a "mouse head". This comparison was further reinforced when Jolyne was forced into a mouse's body by Guess. Apparently her design was influenced by Britney Spears' music video Baby One More Time. Britney was also a known member of the Mickey Mouse Club, a possible reason for Araki styling Jolyne's hair into mouse ears.
    • Her hair color's most commonly used combinations are pink and blue, blond and green, or green with purple.
    • Quite commonly in fanart, she is paired with Giorno. Even Araki has drawn official art of them together.
    • Her design seems to have been an inspiration for the character Juri from Super Street Fighter 4.
    • Despite falling victim to Pucci's stand, she has a counterpart in the "new world" named Irene (who has a boyfriend named Anakiss) who picked up a hitchhiker, Emporio and another hitchhiker during the end of Stone Ocean. "Irene" is also a tribute to one of Araki's earlier works before JJBA, Gorgeous Irene.
    • Jolyne's ability to unravel herself into string resembles Noriaki Kakyoin's ability to unravel Hierophant Green. This may be Araki's homage to CLAMP's manga reference, which featured a Jotaro-look-alike and a Kakyoin-look-alike in a relationship that ended up with a child hybrid of the two. Stone Free also bears slight resemblance to Hierophant Green in its design characteristics.
    • Both Jolyne and her father enter their respective storylines being locked up inside a cell.
    • Jolyne is the only JoJo who hates being called "JoJo" unless it's her mother.
    • Jolyne was the youngest JoJo to die at 19 & the 2nd to die in her debut arc, very similar to her great-great-great grandfather Jonathan who died at age 20.
    • She is also the only female member of the family to die a young death.
    • A lot of fans have a strong desire to see how her relationship with her great-uncle Josuke Higashikata would be, in fanart this seems to be mostly depicted as the two having a fairly loving relationship, perhaps in speculation that Josuke would not abandon her in time of need like her father. In the story, Jolyne seems to make no indication she even knows of him.
    • She is one of three characters to have one-shots along with Rohan Kishibe & Yoshikage Kira, while being the only JoJo so far to star in her own one-shot (Jolyne, Gucci de Tobu)
    • In the same one shot, Jolyne's mother is declared dead while she was mentioned as alive in Stone Ocean that takes places when Jolyne is 19(She was 17 in the One-Shot). This can be an error or a part of the dream she was having at the time.


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