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    Jolt is a Chevy Volt added to the Transformers Revenge of the Fallen film at the last minute. While getting little screen time he did make several appearances in the Comics.

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    Jolt was a last-minute addition to the film during the rush to get a script done after the Writers Guild strike. The writers had to convince Bay that Jolt would feel like a true member of the main Autobot roster. Jolt only appeared in robot mode in three scenes, and the character has no lines, but Jolt does get his name said. it seems he was just originally created for royalties from Chevy. It wasn't until seven months after the film did he appear in comics and toy lines.

    For the Decepticon see Jolt/Dead End

    Powers & Weaknesses

    Jolt has a pair of powerful electro-whips attached to his arms. If Jolt goes too long without expending his built-up electricity, he can charge his body with static, shooting lightning everywhere. Jolt is reckless and careless which causes him to get into trouble. He doesn't always think about his actions before he jumps info a fight.

    Major Story Arcs

    Titan Magazine

    Revenge of the Fallen

    After the defeat of The Fallen, the Autobots were still in the process of rounding up the Decepticons, Jolt was part of a unit sent to Beverley Hills to apprehend Reverb. While the Autobots attempted to subtly divert Reverb away from human traffic to minimize collateral damage, rambunctious Jolt jumped the gun and began pursuing him through the city. Jolt attempted to stop Reverb with his electro-whips, but instead wound up striking a power pole and blowing the electrical system in vicinity. Thankfully, Reverb was captured by Bumblebee, but Jolt's carelessness landed the Autobots in a lot of trouble with Theodore Galloway. Optimus Prime stressed the importance of treading carefully to Jolt, who promised to be "the soul of discretion".

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    Unfortunately, two days later, discretion was nowhere to be seen when Jolt went hog-wild in the middle of Las Vegas, battling Bludgeon. Recklessness caused one of his electro-whips to be severed by Bludgeon's sword. Bludgeon then turned his attention to the casino's patrons, but a repentant Jolt threw himself in the path of the blast meant for them. Bludgeon prepared to strike with his sword, Jolt seized the blade and used his powers to channel the entire Las Vegas electric grid straight into him. Although Bludgeon was defeated by the monumental shock, the city was left blacked out by Jolt's stunt, and Optimus Prime confined him to base.

    Later during training with Dune Runner and Rollbar, when he was searching for a recharge pack he ran into Dead End. During the battle his left arm was torn off. He ordered Rollbar to focus on Dead End, but the Decepticon tore through the other Autobots. Realizing they were running on empty, a desperate Jolt used every bit of power in the recharge pack to charge up an electro-whip and knock Dead End out before he could kill the others.

    A few days later, in Texas, they came into combat with Tankor during a hostage situation. Springer distracted Tankor to allow the others to sneak around to free the hostages. However, Jolt spotted Dirge coming from behind and left his mission and got involved in the fight. Using his electro-whips, he redirected Tankor's fire into Dirge and saved the day.

    IDW Publishing

    Nefarious: Revenge of the Fallen Sequel

    Jolt was part of an Autobot team sent to a ruined petrochemical plant in Florida to investigate the appearance of several unknown spark traces. However, before they could reach their goal, they were attacked by Soundwave. The ensuing battle didn't take long, as the Decepticon soon retreated, but it was enough of a distraction for Jolt and the others for the owners of the spark traces to get away.

    Later, back at the NEST base, Jolt was cited by Theodore Galloway as an example of Lennox not following protocols and alerting him to new recruits.

    Jolt and his fellow cadets, Knock Out and Dune Runner, joined Bumblebee on a mission to transport the captured Soundwave to a secure location. They were shot down en route by Soundwave's minions. Jolt was thrown for a loop by Beastbox, and Bumblebee made the command decision to free Soundwave and let the Decepticons escape rather than risk further casualties after the recent death of Breakaway.

    Jolt was later part of the attack force on Carter Newell's mobile base at Crater Lake. His team was assaulted by a group of Cybertronians Newell had assumed control over using an artificial Allspark. During the fight, Jolt's team was joined by Skids and Mudflap to rescue Bumblebee from the automatons.

    Dark of the Moon: Rising Storm

    Later, Jolt learned that Bumblebee was defending Sam Witwicky from a Decepticon attack all alone, and was eager to get out there to help him. To his disappointment, Optimus Prime instead ordered him, Knock Out and Dune Runner to remain on Diego Garcia and keep an eye on the captive Fearswoop along with a number of confused Autobot refugees liberated from Carter Newell's control. While Jolt was guarding Fearswoop, the corpse of Knock Out suddenly crashed through a wall, courtesy of Shockwave. He prepared to take the intruder on with his electric whips, but Shockwave was unimpressed and shot him down. Jolt desperately tried to contact Optimus Prime for help, but his message failed to get through and he was killed by Shockwave.


    • Allegiance: Autobot
    • Sub Group: None
    • Function: Warrior/Scout
    • Alt-Modes: Chevy Volt
    • Color Schemes: Blue

    Other Media


    Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)

    No Caption Provided

    The Autobots had mobilized in response to a sudden surge in Decepticon activity. You can see Jolt at the head of the pack. Later however he was not among the Autobot team who fended off Megatron and Starscream after they had killed Optimus Prime. Jolt reunited with the other Autobots before they headed back to the NEST base on Diego Garcia.

    Jolt is later seen being loaded into an aircraft with the other Autobots and their human allies before heading to Egypt. They were in route to battle against The Fallen's Decepticons who were looking for Sam Witwicky. He is later seen shooting at Decepticons from behind Sideswipe.


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