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Carlotta Rivera, who worked as a fashion model in Madrid (Spain), was kidnapped along with some other ordinary people during the events of the Invasion! and subjected against their will to scientific tests conducted by the alien race of the Dominators. They were placed in a deadly situation wich only she and five others escaped alive, awakening in them metahuman abilities in the process: Snapper Carr, Dexter Fairfax, Fritz Klein, Amos Monroe and Moshe Levy (and his mother, who did'nt manifest any power). They succeed in scaping from Starlag (ship-prison where retained) and joined the Earth liberation forces in the fight against the Alien Alliance who emprisoned them. They became the team known as the Blasters, the name of the weapons that instead of killing them as the rest of human guinea pigs, woke up their metagen.

Carlotta could generate a gravi-magnetic field that repelled anything near her skin, even water and oxygen.

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