Joker's Asylum: Penguin #1

    Joker's Asylum: Penguin » Joker's Asylum: Penguin #1 - He Who Laughs Last...! released by DC Comics on September 2008.

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    Much Better than the first book 2

     Now this is more like it. Unlike the Joker issue, both the art and writing seem to be telling the same story. Also the artist, does not draw random lines across the faces of the characters.  The story is good, and unlike the Joker story, adds a little to the Penguin Mythos. Especially to someone picking up a book like this for the first time. I am glad I continued this series, and have at least a small hope for the further chapters....

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    Penguin bites back 2

    The second comic in the series focuses on one of the more obscure villains in the Batman comics, Oswald Cobblepot or as he better known The Penguin. It deals with The Penguin’s relationship with women, sounds dull doesn’t it? Of course it does sound dull but it’s not, it packs a punch and it more violent than the other stories believe it or not. The style is very visceral and straight edged with flairs of darkness added in to emphasis the darker psychological aspects of Penguin...

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    Respect the Bird 0

    If there's a major Batman villain you don't respect, it's probably The Penguin. I know, I was there once. If there's one Penguin comic you need to read, it's this one. You will learn both sympathy AND respect for the Penguin all in one tale, and that's pretty damn impressive.Joker's framing scene is even better than in his own tale, but to be fair, Joker needed no flair to introduce himself, his actions and being speak for themselves. Well ok, this issue doesn't enter with a bang, but a perfect ...

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