We Need More Joker Films/ Should Joker be in more animated films?

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You know I've noticed that most of dc's animated direct to dvd films involved batman and superman and only Under the Red Hood involves the Joker. Justice League Doom might have a special spot for him but I could be wrong. Heck let's face it Wonder woman Appeared more times than he.

If they were to make an animated film starring the Joker which one should it be and who (Other than Hammil or Spiner) should do his voice?

My choice for film is another Injustice League Movie based on another Dwane McDuffie comic but also being written by Alan Burnett.

Actors I'm having a hard time I can't Decide weather it should be John Dimaggio, Kevin Michael Richardson, Billy West, James Patrick Stuart, or Steve Blum.

But other than that... Should Joker be in more films? Is he really necessary, Could this be the reason why he's so absent, Becuase he'd be too obvious of a choice?

What do you think?

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I think yes, absolutely. As long as they do him right. But I'm not exactly impartial.

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Actually one of the future films for DC Universe Animated Orginal Movies( the series of films that includes Superman: Doomsday, the Superman/Batman films, and Justice League Doom) will be the Dark Knight Returns based on the famous Frank Miller graphic novel. In the comic, after the Dark Knight Returns, so does the Joker which probably means that he will make an appearance in the film. I really liked John Dimaggio in Batman: Under the Red Hood, I think he would be a suitable successor for Mark Hamill.

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My threads's moved just so you know. It's the second one with more comments.

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I think so if movies based on graphic novels like the killing joke, the man who laughs and many overs are made.

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