The killing Joke of Joker?

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The whole monologue its very touching and for the first time I saw Joker in another perspective rather than a mindless idiot.
The point is he did saw that everything in the bigger picture was a joke. 
He saw who the sadest of all can be a comedy thing and how eveyone can change despite their stable selfs. 
In a way do you suppose he could be right? 
I mean if we look from a diffrent perspective everything really is a joke.

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That is just a perspective, all humans have different perpectives, for some life is meaningless, for some life is the best thing ever and for some existence is a joke, all our problems seem bigger but if there is a God (Something Superior) he should be laughing at us.
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The you agree he is kind of right. 
I mean lets look at You tube for instance.  
People may be hurt or even dying and at least someone thinks its funny the way they died or how they died or got hurt.

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After reading i dont know how many comics and fanfics about joker i kinda got into beliving that life is nothing to cry about.. I've got a whole new perpective of life because of him.. So why yes. U can see life as a joke.

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I find his views on the tragic ironies and misfortunes of life to be most uplifting at times... His whole character is suppose to reflect on the senseless and demented comedy that can be used to escape the cold hard facts of reality, as opposed to Batman who unquestionably embraces reality and is miserable with himself. He's more or less a parody of all the bad things that can happen in life, all the unjust cruelty that comes with being a normal person. Pretty much his entire motive + the reason the GDP never put him down is because he's not considered responsible for his actions and is deemed "insane". All the lives he's ended and the families he's torn apart? He's like a million Casey Anthony's and O.J Simpsons combined, and no one's going to do anything about it.

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I think the whole point of the Killing Joke is that Joker is actually right, and Batman knows, but Batman is stubborn enough that he is willing that Joker is false.

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I know it is a pretty unoriginal thing to say, but I think the idea is that Batman and the Joker are essencially the same, the way that, say, 1 and -1 are the same in mathematics, the only difference being that they are on opposite sides of the same axis, both equidistant to 0. 
Think of the Joker in relation to a similar character, for instance Anton Chigurh, from No Country for Old Men (both the McCarthy novel and the Coen Brothers' film adaptation). What makes Chigurh and the Joker scary is not that they do not follow a system. If they did not follow a system, their actions would be erratic and of no consequence, they would be easy to dismiss as either idiots or madmen. They are both unhinged, certainly not completely insane. What makes them truly frightening figures is that they do follow a system, one that stands in opposition to -and strongly challenging- the dominant system, the norm. What is worse is that, after a while, one can sort of start understanding their systems of thought, their modes of operation. And, oftentimes, their counterparts -Batman, for instance- do seem to act in ways which are pretty similar to theirs.
Ambiguity is a great narrative device. It keeps things interesting, plotwise.

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Just incase anyone cares
But the thing is, he is is a joke and death is the punchline...the problem is The Joker's insane not because he believes this to be the case (looking at his arguments in relation to the definition of a joke, it's really difficult to offer any kind of counter) but because he believes it to be the case and finds it funny.

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