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This is a discussion for anyone who hasn't seen or has seen The Joker Blogs!!!

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You ever wonder what happened after The Joker was sent to Arkham after The Dark Knight ended? Well here is your answer. 
A new series has appeared on Youtube that shows through a bunch of videos what's happening with The Joker while he's locked up in Arkham. It's a brand new story line that is linked to the Chris Nolan series and a new story to follow if you left wanting more after The Dark Knight ended. 
Check out all the videos in the proper order to get the full experience here. 
After you've watched them all, be sure to come back here and discuss your thoughts 
Here's the link....
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I been a fan for a while, this guy is truly amazing and I post about this guy as often as possible

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Yeah I watched them all and he is truly spectacular. One gripe I have though is his voice. I always imagined Joker to have a very smooth voice with plenty of sarcastic tones, but he has him more gruff, like a half-whisper even.
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He doesn't sound anything like Ledger. And as far as I know, he might not even look like him.
I applaud his amateur acting abilities, but he doesn't resemble The Joker at all. But I like the script's references to overshadowing the relationship of Mr. J and Harley. I'd say he's fairly surely a fan of Batman.

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If there is a vote or contest for greatest fan series ever, this definitely would win...

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I think on my favorites is Shot gun wedding just because of the scene with him and Harley after he...well I don't want to spoil it but you know....

I find that scene with him and her very powerful and just really awesome.

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This guy is awesome. 
Loved this series from beginning to end and whoa what an ending!! Talk about going out with a bang.

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This, for me, is as good as sequel to 'The Dark Knight' as any. I cannot wait for series 2!

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