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I love the Joker, I mean who doesn't. He's clever, we know very little about his past, it seems that he knows even less about it, but what he cares about is there here and now, the future. The Joker is insane, or maybe he's the most sane person in the world and the rest of us don't understand priorities. But he's a villain and this because he doesn't do the right things, but in his wrong doing we wish him well. In fact if I had to take a pole I would say that he would rank right at the top if not the number one villain we would want to actually win. And why not? I mean why can't we put a villain on a pedestal and let them win? I know many of you are reading this and saying, "we've let villains win and then it just keeps going." But why can't we have a masked character feel finality, feel as if they have what they need to quit. Now there's something there. Why the Joker? Because he can win, he can come close enough to the finish line. The only reason he continues is because he wants more of a challenge, because he wants another chance to loose. That I believe is because he has already won, in his mind the game is just trying to see how many ways he can "not win".  
Yet our love for comics and the stories behind them would never see the dark room where the well dressed Bruce Wayne would step in just to put his cuff links in his shirt. He glides over to the table and sets down his glass filled with scotch, looks down, and sees a knife at his throat. (And you know it would be a knife) For a moment he would try to fight the joker off but the link was already half way in his shirt and his hand would catch itself throwing the bat man off balance. Both fall to the floor and roll around fighting, its a wonder neither is stuck with a knife, and then triumph when we see Joker is on top with his knife at the Bats throat grazing the skin covering his Adams apple. Bruce stares unafraid into the Jokers eyes. The Joker, smiling, brings his face toward his enemy and whispers in his ear, "The jokes on you.." And then he walks away leaving the knife laying on the ground. 
A fitting end?

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Very interesting indeed.

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You don't understand the Joker. He doesn't think he has won already and he isn't looking for a challenge, he wants Batman to kill him, to break his one rule. All of his plans are centered around the Batman killing the Joker. Actually killing Batman would be impossible for him as shown during Emperor Joker. The Joker has always known that Bruce is the Bat but doesn't care because he doesn't want Bruce.

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