Jokers uncanny luck and foresight

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That ish should be considered a superpower,seriously.I mean,every plan seems to play out EXACTLY how he wants it (right up untill the end when Batman stops it but all the events leading up to that go exactly how he planned) Joker gets caught and sent to prision? Oh thats ok that was the plan all along etc.How does he do it? Has a plan of his ever been foiled prematurely? I don't understand how someones whos insane could work up elaborate schemes like that lol.

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Maybe you have to be insane to understand

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#3 Posted by Jokergeist (4714 posts) - - Show Bio

@Whodid: You, sir, are a genius. Maybe an insane genius... is there a difference?

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I would argue that if he has a superpower, it would be some form of luck skewing. But, going by the tradition views of Joker, I'd say that he just acts like whatever happens is part of the plan. What his plan was to begin with, if there was such a thing, seems very fluid and unaffected by change. Joker is adaptable to the extreme and can pull out a win of sorts in most situations. In his own mind, at least.

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