Interview: Scott Lobdell on Death of the Family, Red Robin & Jason Todd Fighting in a Towel

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#51 Posted by cc1738 (371 posts) - - Show Bio

So do you have to get both Teen Titans and Red Hood and the Outlaws to completely understand their tie ins? That would be irritating.

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#52 Posted by BatWatch (5485 posts) - - Show Bio

@Bitchgurl said:

I used to love SL's work for Marvel, but don't care for it on Red Hood. I like the character of Jason Todd but Roy Harper is SO obnoxious and OTT it's not funny, and don't get me started on Starfire, who has never been the same since Wolfman and Perez wrote her back in the day. Red Hood needs to be a gritty street level title, and not go off into space(Yes, Starfire can, but Jason and Roy in space=fail). This title really needs a new writer, hopefully one who isn't looking to swipe things from Star Trek .

What does Roy do which you find obnoxious. I find him quite lovable.

I will agree that Starfire has been basically destroyed.

I like that Red Hood and the Outlaws went to space. If is starts happening on a regular basis, I will tire of it, but it is a team book. Why not have some more outlandish elements come into play?

@cc1738 said:

So do you have to get both Teen Titans and Red Hood and the Outlaws to completely understand their tie ins? That would be irritating.

I'm going to guess that you do not have to pick up Teen Titans #15 to understand the plot based on the way RHATO 15 ended, but I will make sure to mention it in my review of Teen Titans next week if you are considering purchasing it.

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#53 Posted by DocFishstick (242 posts) - - Show Bio

Scott Lobdell i will say that i love your work. i feel you are a damn good writer and haters are going to hate. they will say and do anything to try and get under your skin. you have real fans out there that will back you and your work up. yes i am one of them. keep up the great work you are doing.

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#54 Posted by End_Boss (751 posts) - - Show Bio

@Sammo21 said:

Not a fan of the art and also not really sure how the Joker suddenly becomes the greatest criminal mastermind in the DCU.

Uh, he's been one of them for a very, very long time. And he would pull out all the stops for something like this that involves his "better half."

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#55 Posted by Joygirl (21036 posts) - - Show Bio

I found the comments in this thread deeply -- DEEPLY -- entertaining.

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#56 Posted by Hawkeye2124 (16 posts) - - Show Bio

Rocafort needs to comeback..... 

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