How Joker's New 52 revival is 100% Bad Ass

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The Joker is the opposite and equal force to Batman, so it's safe to assume that Scott Snyder's triumph with Batman narrative wouldn't fade here. All expectations met. The new Joker is a very interesting character, and the darker version fits Snyder's style perfectly. However, I must have missed the part where Joker found out Bruce Wayne was Batman? I'm pretty up to speed with Batman history, so I don't see how I missed that. I think it may have happened in Batman: RIP, but in that case how hasn't the Joker killed him by now? Last question, how old are we assuming Batman is in the New 52? Does he fall under the five year bubble too?

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nope. He knew for a long time (back in death in the familly he was taunting Wayne just after killing jason). But he was unmasked before him in RIP too (and Jezebel was yelling his nname just before he unmasked).

He come back to Gotham 7 years ago (detective comics 0) and became Batman nearly 6 years ago (Batman 0 happens 6 years ago and he isn't batman yet, but is a vigilante),

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@Lamenoire: Did he taunt Bruce about Jason's death after he'd done it? Was this when he came to Gotham as the Iranian ambassador?

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And I definitely agree with the OP. Snyer has written a dark, twisted Joker who's already committed some terrifying acts within the first issue. I cannot wait to see what Snyder will do next.

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I preferred Morrison's (or Dini's) Joker, Snyder's a bit too deranged for my taste.

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I don't think the joker is badass now but he's certainly creepy!

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@SmashBrawler said:

I preferred Morrison's (or Dini's) Joker, Snyder's a bit too deranged for my taste.

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Is he cooler? I'd say so. Do I care if he knows Batman's secret ID? Not really, his quarrel is with Batman not Bruce Wayne. Sure he can use his knowledge to HURT Bruce, but he'd never tell as it would mean his fun would end early.

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Joker only seems dangerous bec. Batman is always sparing the life of the Joker. Maybe in the next finale, just feed Joker to Bat hound ?

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In my honest opinion, a Joker that is not deranged and completely bizarre is just not the Joker. The Joker is way more than just shallow clown gimmicks and stereotypical ingenious in a villain, it's his complete disregard for humanity and killing by knowing a man's fears and knowing the human mind is what make him the reason why he is considered one of the most deadilest villains in comics. Being deranged gives the Joker more edge and less likely to be made a complete fool out of when he conflicts with heroes and villains. It makes him a serious threat and a reason why not to screw with him or underestimate him. I agree that it's not a good idea to make Joker a cookie-cutter killer that just kills people on sight however, you also can't have a Joker who behaves the same, always sticks to the same theme, commits crime and kills in the same way every time as well. It makes the Joker too predictable.

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