Joker: Last Laugh #6

    Joker: Last Laugh » Joker: Last Laugh #6 - You Only Laugh Twice released by DC Comics on January 2002.

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    It all ends here. The Joker's staked out scenic Gotham Cathedral as the spot to make his final stand against Batman's allies, and he's made sure no other heroes will interfere with his final revenge. Nightwing's decided that the Joker's actions finally need to be stopped — but will he go too far? And what is the fate of Tim Drake? Will he become the second Robin to die at the hands of the Joker?


    The Joker is enraged that he has been robbed of the chance to kill Robin, but somewhat mollified by the fact that the Boy Wonder was eaten. Nightwing and the other Gotham crime fighters, meanwhile, mourn their loss and contemplate revenge on the Joker, Nightwing makes a break for Gotham Cathedral, where he is eagerly awaited. The Joker has erected an energy barrier around the square which only admits Batman and those close to him.


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