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Read this. 1

I loved Brian Azzerello's Joker but I felt that some fans/critics were being too hard on it, saying it "brought the character down to lower levels, making him a thug."I disagree. It was a gritty, dark, Nolan-esqe, interpretaion. What I found most powerful was that we saw the Joker's... heart. Azzerello made the Joker a suffering, struggleing, human being. That is not in anyway shape or form bringing him down. All the character are adapted beautifuly. In particular Harley Quinn and her relationsh...

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Joker done Vertigo? 5

Both of the main men that worked on this Original Graphic Novel are famed for their works as Vertigo Stall-worth's.    Lee Bermejo is stunning in anything he creates.  Mostly known as a cover artist, it is a rare treat to have him work the interiors of a book and Brian Azzarello has been lucky now to have him work on this as their third project together.  Other Past projects these two have work on are Batman/Deathblow: After the fire and Lex Luthor: Man of Steel.   Brian Azzarello is ...

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Let The Insanity Begin 3

The Story:The Joker has been released from Arkham Asylum and finds Gotham has changed in his absence. He intends to take control of "his" city once again. He's being tallied by unknown assailants (possibly cops) but that doesn't stop him from carrying out his mission. He reunites with Harley Quinn, joins forces with Killer Croc and has a face-off with Two-Face before finally running into Batman. My Thoughts: I don't think DC Comics could have picked a better writer to script this story than Bria...

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Joker is Back! 0

Introduction:After reading the classic “Batman” tale, “Batman: The Killing Joke,” I wanted to read more stories about one of Batman’s most infamous villains, the Joker! So, I went ahead and picked up Brian Azzarello’s take on the Joker “Joker” and while it has many slow scenes, it was a truly interesting take on the psychotic mind of the Joker in a more dark and gritty way that I would have never imagined possible!What is this story about?This story is being told from the viewpoint of one of the...

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The Life of a Madman 5

I have been meaning to read this story for quite a while now, and after reading, and reviewing Batman: Broken City, I decided to buy more work from Brian Azzarello, including, Superman: For Tomorrow (which I also wanted for Jim Lee's art), which I've read, and reviewed since, this book, and Luthor. I'm also a huge Batman fan, and Joker is my favourite villain, so that was another reason.PlotSomehow Joker has been released from Arkham Asylum. When no one wants to pick him up an aspiring crook nam...

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The Infection 13

As an armature DC fan, i've been trying out some of the older stuff since i don't really enjoy the current on-goings, aside from a couple of titles. The Joker was recommended to Me and it does seem like an interesting story, i'll admit that i don't enjoy SICK books in general but there have been Exceptions( The Goon, Love that series), so i purchased the trade and gave it a try. I was NOT disappointed.The first Thing i noticed right away is the cover, which is exactly how i knew that this was a ...

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Madness has never been so dull 0

I never heard anything about this comic but was immediately entranced by the amazing cover. Sadly the cover is where you should stop reading. From its inception this comic is horribly dull, Jonny Frost (the story teller) is the most stereotypical power hungry bad kid. His name is ridiculous even by comic book standards and rather than pitying him, which the comic tries so hard to make you do, you will find yourself praying for his horribly out of touch narration to end so you can get to the joke...

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