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    Jolyne, Ermes, and their new ally F.F.—a colony of plankton given human form and consciousness—manage to defeat the enemy Stand Mary Lynn Manson and recover Jotaro’s Stand disc. The Speedwagon Foundation devises a plan to get the disc out of the prison, which involves Jolyne teaming up with another new ally, Weather Forecast. After a literally suffocating battle en route to the rendezvous point, Jolyne encounters an enigmatic priest who seems to offer salvation…

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 37: Debt Collector Mary Lynn Manson, Part 4
    • Chapter 38: Debt Collector Mary Lynn Manson, Part 5
    • Chapter 39: Debt Collector Mary Lynn Manson, Part 6
    • Chapter 40: Operation Savage Guardian (Head to the Courtyard!), Part 1
    • Chapter 41: Operation Savage Guardian, Part 2
    • Chapter 42: Operation Savage Guardian, Part 3
    • Chapter 43: Operation Savage Guardian, Part 4
    • Chapter 44: Operation Savage Guardian, Part 5
    • Chapter 45: Operation Savage Guardian, Part 6
    • Chapter 46: Operation Savage Guardian, Part 7
    • Chapter 47: Operation Savage Guardian, Part 8
    • Chapter 48: Torrential Downpour Warning, Part 1
    • Chapter 49: Torrential Downpour Warning, Part 2
    • Chapter 50: Torrential Downpour Warning, Part 3
    • Chapter 51: Smack of Love and Revenge, Part 1
    • Chapter 52: Smack of Love and Revenge, Part 2
    • Chapter 53: Smack of Love and Revenge, Part 3
    • Chapter 54: Smack of Love and Revenge, Part 4
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