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    Jotaro arrives to break Jolyne out of jail, but they fall right into the enemy’s trap, leaving father and daughter to fight for their lives inside a dream while their real bodies are being dissolved. Then, their unknown enemy steals Jotaro’s Stand and memories, effectively putting him in a state that might as well be death. But there’s hope! Ermes discovers that someone is storing memories and Stands in discs, and she and Jolyne volunteer for a search-and-rescue mission to find her father’s discs!

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 18: The Visitor, Part 8
    • Chapter 19: The Visitor, Part 9
    • Chapter 20: Prisoner of Love
    • Chapter 21: Ermes’s Stickers, Part 1
    • Chapter 22: Ermes’s Stickers, Part 2
    • Chapter 23: Ermes’s Stickers, Part 3
    • Chapter 24: Ermes’s Stickers, Part 4
    • Chapter 25: Ermes’s Stickers, Part 5
    • Chapter 26: There’s Six of Us, Part 1
    • Chapter 27: There’s Six of Us, Part 2
    • Chapter 28: There’s Six of Us, Part 3
    • Chapter 29: There’s Six of Us, Part 4
    • Chapter 30: There’s Six of Us, Part 5
    • Chapter 31: F.F., Part 1
    • Chapter 32: F.F., Part 2
    • Chapter 33: F.F., Part 3
    • Chapter 34: Debt Collector Mary Lynn Manson, Part 1
    • Chapter 35: Debt Collector Mary Lynn Manson, Part 2
    • Chapter 36: Debt Collector Mary Lynn Manson, Part 3
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    Story Arcs

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