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Proper Japanese Title: Nemureru Dorei (眠れる奴隷)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 583: Diavolo Rising (4) (ディアボロ浮上その4 Diaboro Fujō Sono 4)
  • Chapter 584: Diavolo Rising (5) (ディアボロ浮上その5 Diaboro Fujō Sono 5)
  • Chapter 585: King of Kings (王の中の王 Kingu Obu Kingusu)
  • Chapter 586: Gold Experience Requiem (1) (ゴールド·E·レクイエム その1 Gōrudo Ekusuperiensu Rekuiemu Sono 1)
  • Chapter 587: Gold Experience Requiem (2) (ゴールド·E·レクイエム その2 Gōrudo Ekusuperiensu Rekuiemu Sono 2)
  • Chapter 588: Gold Experience Requiem (3) (ゴールド·E·レクイエム その3 Gōrudo Ekusuperiensu Rekuiemu Sono 3)
  • Chapter 589: Gold Experience Requiem (4) (ゴールド·E·レクイエム その4 Gōrudo Ekusuperiensu Rekuiemu Sono 4)
  • Chapter 590: Epilogue Sleeping Slaves (エピローグ眠れる奴隷 Epirōgu Nemureru Dorei)
  • Chapter 591: Sleeping Slaves (2) (眠れる奴隷その2 Nemureru Dorei Sono 2)
  • Chapter 592: Sleeping Slaves (3) (眠れる奴隷その3 Nemureru Dorei Sono 3)
  • Chapter 593: Sleeping Slaves (4) (眠れる奴隷その4 Nemureru Dorei Sono 4)
  • Chapter 594: Sleeping Slaves (5) (眠れる奴隷その5 Nemureru Dorei Sono 5)


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Story Arcs

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