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Johnston Coffin's origins and past are greatly unrevealed as of this writing.

Johnston Coffin is a special operative within the United States of America Department of Justice who supposedly believes he is a man of extra-legal authorities above traditional governments thereby above the law . Wanted by officials in the U.S. police task force core of S.H.I.E.L.D. for crimes against humanity, "Warden" Coffin blatantly asserts himself to being a pawn to the status quo who operates within the system to instigate against a "deciency deficency" in North America. The government he works with creates crimes against humanity with his aid and the reciprocals have the police operate to capture him in his assessed brainwashing or unlawful human experiments (unknown) in an effort to police people and to perpetuate the business of law enforcement.

Johnston Coffin works within a reopened conspiratorial program from the seventies called " The House of Correction" which initiated unlawful abduction or relocation of juvenilles, teen criminals, runaways and behaviorial problem children to be "rehabilitiated" through unlawful imprisonment, torture, genetic manipulation with cybernetics, and brainwashing through an unrevealed benefactor and by unrevealed black budgets. He is colleagued in part with enhanced guards and state of the art surveillance and weapons defense systems to protect the House of Correction. He is also colleagued with "special children" who are prior tortured abductees rendered into weaponized enforcer cyborg guardians to the house. The emphasis to Warden Coffin's atrocities, " America has become afraid of its children."

Members of Generation X lead to investigate child disappearances within the Snow Valley area only to work to trace the location of a missing juvenille delinquent placated in Warden Coffin's House of Correction. M, Jubilee, Husk, Skin, Chamber and Banshee coincide to work outside for the best interests of displaced youth after sabotages by Adrienne Frost revealed the Massachusetts Academy's harboring of mutant children which lead to a parent-student related panic that had Synch murdered by a bomb planted by Adrienne and Emma to murder Adrienne for her betrayals. Emma would telepathically manipulate systems to exonerate herself guilty of her sister's murder and the damage to the school, but not to the tarnished reputation of the school or the remaining mutant students left. Reclaiming her family business and selling off a private island from her late sister, Emma takes a sidetrack to resettle her financial and public relation affairs as the kids operate to help other children while recollecting their bearings.

Effects would later have Generation X learning the truths behind the child disapperances to the House of Correction and the location of Warden Johnston Coffin who tries to subdue Generation X with the aid of his "Special Children" who are painfully overtaken by the mutant heroes as they rescue the remaining youths from captivity. Skin allocates Warden Coffin who bigotedly condescends Skin on his race only to become screamed into a wall by Banshee and overtaken by the prior Interpol officer. Husk systematically contacts the police and the media via the internet of the coordinates of the House to expose it of its evils before the team disperses.

Powers and abilities: Johnston Coffin's powers are indeterminate to be genetically enhanced or mutagenic by nature .

He is gifted in the fileds of law, combat, subterfuge, genetic-cybernetic surgery and psychological warfare. Independently financed with specially enhanced guards who have proven to undertake fire blasts from the mutant Jubilee and the psychokinetic blasts of Chamber, Coffin is also provided with a small army of "special children" who are prior tortured weaponized cyborgs with no free will to their own.

Warden Coffin's super-powers include flight, levitation, super-speed equal to Super Sabre, and can withohold some resilience of invulnerability to withstand Banshee's sonic scream through 10 inches of a concrete wall. It is indetermined if Coffin has any resilence to telepathic, energy, or chemical based attacks.


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