Johnny Warlock

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    Johnny Warren was a street thug who stole from a man that got away with a supernatural item from S.T.A.R. Labs. He hates Robin because he lost his hand to him and he beat him as his first attempt as Johnny Warlock.

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    Home Life

    His mother was a nurse who cleaned up all of his wounds. She died from him zapping her with his cosmic beam. Johnny is known for his evil cold hearted nature and as a child would kill and torture animals and his little sister as well as wet the bed into his teens all signs of a serial killer. Johnny is the direct suspect into his sister's disappearance.

    Johnny Warlock loses his hand after trying to shoot a gun that Tim Drake had corked in a stand off in an apartment. Johnny steals a magic spike that is than inserted in his chest the spike is a evil demon who talks to Johnny and together they try to take over the Gotham Underground. They are stopped by Tim Drake. Johnny then proclaims Tim as his arch nemesis and swears to kill him one day.

    Johnny retreats to Istanbul where he becomes a powerful Drug lord. He stays under the radar for a number of years until he brings the Darla Aquista back from the dead when Henry Aquista shows up begging at his door. To bring her back he had to steal the life essence from Henry which he was more than willing to do for his daughter. After reviving Darla Johnny embedded her with some of his powers and made her his slave. Johnny ordered her to go to Gotham and kill Robin since Johnny secretly had a phobia of Robin after the trauma he had received from him.

    After believing Darla had completed her job he returned to Gotham to visit her and to gain power once more in Gotham. While visiting he and Darla are attacked by O.M.A.C.s they are saved by Robin and The Veteran and his team. Furious that Darla did not complete in her mission he attacked her but she was saved by a stray O.M.A.C.s laser hitting Johnny. In a fit of rage Johnny lets out a massive power surge of magic taking out all the surrounding O.M.A.C.s he than calls out Robin who confronts Johnny with no fear at all psychologically defeating Johnny by using Johnny's fear of Robin against. Johnny in fear of what Robin may do to him powers down and sulks into the fetal position quivering in fear. Robin than quickly sprays Johnny with knockout gas and turns him over to Ragman who puts him in a special Magic User Prison in an alternate Dimension

    Major Story Arcs

    Day of Vengeance

    For more information see: Day of Vengeance

    When Enchantress reaches out to all magic users to lead their magic to Captain Marvel so that he can defeat the Spectre, Johnny freely offers some of his magic. In his own words, he will help save the world so there is a world for him to take over later.


    Johnny has a demon embedded in his chest through his heart that grants him the ability of flight super strength and durability and reflexes as well as an accelerated healing factor. The demon also fire beams of energy from his eyes and mouth that Johnny is in complete control over these beams are capable of sucking all the life out of people in return making Johnny stronger as well they have the ability of lifting multiple objects up to the size of a city bus and acting as concussive force. As well Johnny can turn this energy into constructs and create powerful energy surges that take out a large radius up to a city block. As well Johnny has the ability to raise people from the dead as well as give others parts of his power and enslave others.


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