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Johnny's Watching

Johnny is a crazy Anti-Hero… Almost a Villain. He just doesn’t get things. Even crazier, If he likes you, He wants you dead to remember you as you are at that Moment!

In this volume, Johnny gets to make some new Friends. His first one is Edgar Vargas. Edgar is very clam and likes to talk with Nny. After a wonderful talk, Nny says he likes him… Splat! Guess not…

From there Johnny does his studies. He has some very important findings! Crying, Screaming, and More. Then he tries out his new toys… on them.

After teaching a Cheerleader not to laugh at people, he goes on a date. Nny is happy. The girl likes him. Time for a Killtac Moment. After all that, Nny goes for a snack.

This sick and twisted comic is a fun one to read. I was surprised with it. I Didn’t think something like this would be fun to read, but it was! Nny was a laugh and I was always wondering what was next. Good job on this!

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