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    Socially Twisted

    This is one of the first comics I ever read and I'm really glad its what I started with.  Johnny comes across as nothing more than a homicidal maniac but when you really get down to it he's just a slightly psychotic man who's sick of people which is something most of us can relate too.  The comic is much more complex when you start getting into them but you don't have too take it that way if you're just looking for something fun and slightly twisted.  While its not for the squeamish as it contains a lot of gore its still funny and slightly silly at times while maintaining a creepy vibe.  Its been one of my favorite comics for years and I've read the series more times than I can count.  Its definitely worth checking out if twisted is your thing with social commentary. 


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    Ooooh, yeah. Twisted is my thing. hahah. Sounds like I will have to check this out.

    Thanks for the review.

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