Johnny Rocketman

    Character » Johnny Rocketman appears in 7 issues.

    Johnny Rocketman is a self-propelled flyer and a racist member of the Sons Of Liberty.

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    Johnny Rocketman is a self-propelled flier who uses his blade-covered suit to cut people to pieces as he flies through them. He is a member of the military post-human team called "Paul Revere and the Sons Of Liberty." Until their deal with Bendix, all members of this team were at least ninety years old and living in various retirement homes across the US.

    Authority Revolution

    First seen out of retirement, Johnny attacked Swift in the skies above Philadelphia, critically injuring her with the aid of Dyno-Mite. The Sons of Liberty's attack on Philadelphia was a strike against the Authority, with Paul Revere using his powers to instigate hate for the current leaders of America.

    Johnny also appears to be the most impatient, bad-mouthed, racist and homophobic member of the team, with a particular distaste for Swift, until his bad language was silenced by Paul Revere. He was also the first to alert Paul to the presence of Apollo as the Sons Of Liberty evacuated a city.

    He lost control in battle and went after Swift and Apollo, after Swift suggested that his close friendship with Dyno-Mite might be sexual, and Apollo exploded Dyno-Mite. His uncontrolled rage made it easy for them to defeat him, and the Engineer took him back to the Authority's Carrier to see whether she could trace the location of their own carrier. However, Bendix then shut down the Sons of Liberty's regained youth, killing most or all of them.


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