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Very little is known about Johnny Karaoke's early life. Raised in Southern California, he attended UCLA, where he got a degree in business administration. Following graduation he became involved in the American arm of the Yakuza, and was fairly successful.


Johnny Karaoke was created by John Ostrander and Tom Mandrake. He made his first appearance in Batman #660.

Major Story Arcs


Having previously funded the development of the surgical equipment I-Gore, and lost part of his finger to his boss due to its creator reneging on their deal, he and his Geisha Grrls break into Omnimed headquarters, where the I-Gore technology has been stolen and replicated. He is confronted and defeated by the Batman, but escapes capture when Grotesk murders and sets fire to a scientist in the building. He is contacted by Grotesk, who promises to repay him at the Gotham Opera House. However, Grotesk also invites a rival gang and instigates a firefight between the two. Johnny Karaoke is shot in the head by the leader of the Russians after stabbing the man through the heart.

Powers and Abilities

Johnny Karaoke has no known superhuman powers or abilities. He is fairly intelligent, and has a degree in business administration. He has received some training with swords, and is competent with a gun.

Weapons and Equipment

Johnny Karaoke carries a skull-topped sword-cane, which he frequently sings into.


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