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    Protagonist of the seventh arc of Jojo's Bizarre Adventures, Steel Ball Run. He is an alternate version of Jonathan Joestar.

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    Johnny (Jonathan) Joestar had a aristocratic upbringing in 1872 Kentucky With his father being a successful horse raiser, land and farm owner,and a 7-time champion of the infamous triple crown horse races. Upon Johnny first riding a horse at the age of 5 his father considered him a horse riding genius, due to his understanding of the horse. Many years passed and His brother Nicolas, Also a horse riding genius died in a accident involving a white mouse distracting the horse, losing control and coincidentally being killed. Johnny believes that the white mouse involved in the accident was the one that he kept as a pet and refused to kill after his father ordered him to do so, the thought of him indirectly killing his brother had a major affect on him and never has left him to this day.

    Several years later as a successful jockey, he has risen to fame, he is the #2 Jockey behind Diego Brando. As a Popular jockey he is crowded with paparazzi and gets very cocky, he is told to cut in line by His was then girlfriend to get into a play, he is shot in the spine by the man who he cut, due to him waiting throughout the night just to have his place taken by someone else. He was sent to the hospital where he was abused, abandoned by his friends due to him no longer being a jockey. He had lost all hope until the Steel ball Run race, Where he met Gyro (Caesar) Zeppeli, he noticed a spinning steel ball in one of his holsters, As he touched it , for a moment, he stood. After that he sought out Gyro to learn how to stand,and maybe even walk, and coincidentally, joined the Steel Ball Run Race.


    During Steel Ball Run Race, Johnny accidentally finds out the real purpose of this race is to collect the Corpse, which is the corpse of a secret ancient saint with powers of concentrating lucks and awakening Stand Powers. Stands are entities generated from people's life energy, each stand has a unique superpower, and people who have abilities to summon stands were called "Stand Users". After touching the corpse part and combines his left hand with it, Johnny gains his Stand he named as "Tusk". Johnny also learns a concept called the Spin, which is a mysterious power generating from the action of rotating things. His Stand Power is based on the Spin.


    Awakened in the Devil's Palm when the corpse part combines with Johnny's left hand, Johnny gains his Stand appears like a little pink toy rabbit floating around his body. He names it as Tusk, uses Act1 to identify this form as the first stage of his Stand. So the full name is Tusk Act1.

    Powers of Act1

    • Spinning nails: Johnny is able to spin his fingernails, and later toenails extremely fast and shoot them like bullets with a range up to 10 meters. The nails have cutting power enough to slice through rocks and flesh after leaving Johnny's body, and his fingernails regenerate in a few seconds after one round.


    After understanding the concept of spinning through a perfect spinning rail existing in the Golden Rectangle, which is a geometric concept of a rectangle shape with perfect ratio, Johnny finds out if he mathematically rotating his Spinning nails according to the rail of the Golden Rectangle, his fingernails can somehow generate new special effects. When he mastered this technique, his Stand evolved into Tusk Act2, appearing like a robotic toy animal bigger than Tusk Act1.

    Powers of Act2

    • Golden Rectangle Nails: Johnny is able to shoot his spinning fingernails as bullets just like Act1, and he gains the ability to move bullet holes he makes in eight seconds if he didn't directly hit the opponents, opponents who get bullet holes moved on their bodies will be harmed in the same way as directly hit by spinning fingernails. This effect is probably based on space bending power. Under this form, his fingernails regenerate much slower than Act1, so Johnny cannot continue using this power.


    During the fight against the Stand named Civil War, Johnny suddenly sees the Saint who gives him the hint that leads him to discover the third form of Tusk. His Stand evolved into Tusk Act3, appearing like a slender robot with shorter ears compared to Tusk Act2, pink skin, and short legs.

    Powers of Act3

    • Spatial Wormhole: By shooting himself with a Spin-imbued fingernail, Johnny is able to hide his body into the hole it creates. The hole created by the nail shot contains a special space inside and functions like wormholes. By moving the hole while his body is inside, Johnny can reposition himself quickly and be invincible during the process of moving because his body is in the special space inside the hole so he cannot be attacked. Because the hole functions as a wormhole, anything sent into it will be sent to another end including enemy attacks.


    After learned Gyro's fifth lesson, Johnny gets the highest evolution of Tusk, which is Tusk Act4. It appears like a giant, human-like robot bigger than a grown human. It has a round head, pink skin, and muscular arms, from the bottom of its chest, hangs many strings of vertical ellipses instead of the waist and legs. It looks like a giant curtain somehow and wears a horseshoe on its forehead, the inside of its body is hollow. Its body is somehow soft and flexible, able to turn into a sheet and tiles on the ground.

    Powers of Act4

    • Infinite Rotation: Johnny learns the Golden Spin by the point he gains Tusk Act4, which is the key to use infinite rotation. If Johnny makes his horse run in its "natural state", the horse can produce rotation energy in the form of the Golden Rectangle and this energy will transfer to the Stand's fists, Johnny is able to release infinite rotation energy by commanding Tusk Act4 to punch. Anyone who gets hit by the infinite rotation energy will "rotate" forever. The victim's body will collapse and separate into spinning parts, everything down to individual cells will spin and eventually disintegrated into nothing. This energy lasts infinitely and follows the target forever, so escaping or healing from this energy is impossible. Even traveling into other dimensions or universes won't get rid of rotation energy because this energy follows the target across space and time. Victims of this energy can only wait for a horrible death. The only way to survive the infinite rotation is to touch the same energy again in the reversed direction, then two energies will cancel out. However, the rotation energy takes some seconds to fill the target's whole body. If a part of the body touches the energy, cutting this part before the energy spread into the whole body might survive from the infinite rotation energy.
    • Super Strength: Tusk Act4 is incredibly strong even without infinite rotation energy. It can throw fast punches to enemies with Stand cry as "OraOraOra". Its strength is able to collapse stones, punches people to death, even able to break through a dimensional barrier.

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