Johnny Dynamite

    Character » Johnny Dynamite appears in 27 issues.

    "The Wild Man from Chicago! He's rough! He's Tough! He's JOHNNY DYNAMITE!”

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    The first 9 issues that Johnny appered in were printed by comic Media a company that took advantage of those pre-Comics Code days to the hilt and were filled with violence, junkies, prostitution and violence, did I say violence? Yeah lots of it.

    While there have been more than a few comic book character who wore eye patches, Dynamite was the first to have been established and then shown loosing the eye is fairly graphic detail in issue # 4.

    When Comic Media  went out of business it was picked up by Charlton who tried, but really watered it down. It limped along for 3 issues then got turned into Foreign Intrigue, which also only lasted for 3 issues.

    Johnny was re-introduced to eighties by Max Allan Collins and Terry Beatty, using reprints of Dynamite's stories from the first 9 issues in the 50’s as backup features.

    In 1994, Collins and Beatty got the full rights to Johnny and brought him back in a post modern tale of the Devil and zombies in Los Vegas.


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