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    Johnny Dee is a mutant with a tentacled face on his chest, which can create voodoo-dolls of people. After seeking sanctuary among the X-Men following Decimation, he betrayed the team and the entire mutant race by allying with a corrupt U.S. general for purely self-serving reasons.

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    Johnny has a tentacled creature bursting forth from his solar plexus. This creature has a life of its own, with its own nervous system, and can move its arms of its own free will, its ability to talk has never been shown though it has never been explained to be mute. He sometimes takes to calling it "the freak". When Johnny enters a small object containing a person's DNA into the creature's mouth, it proceeds to spit out a Voodoo doll of that person. This term is used in his description many times, although actual Voodoo has never used dolls to control peoples actions, this was taken from European legend and belief.


    Johnny Dee is a Marvel comics character, created by David Hine and Allen Martinez. Johnny Dee first appears in Son of M #1

    Major Story Arcs


    Johnny Dee joined up with the 198 after he was rescued by Spider-Man from mutant haters, when he moved from his location in Mutant town to the Xavier institute. However he would later develop a very evil personality. Though is was secret among the other mutants, he would steal the DNA of other 198 mutants and use them to make voodoo dolls. He used Jazz's DNA, made a doll and killed him with a cord around the neck killing Jazz during a drug deal. His actions would start a riot with the 198 mutants rioting with the X-Men, believing it was a mechanical chip that was placed in a few of the mutants. He used the DNA of Erg and Fever Pitch and got their dolls to attack the X-Men He then got the DNA of Magma and Leech in order to kill the savior mutant Mr. M.

    Civil War

    He is later seen working with an anti-mutant government in which he used his powers and duties as an American to stop Mr. M. He later tries to get the DNA of a general through a hand shake but the General doesn't shake Johnny Dee's hand. During the Civil war, he takes control of the 198 and causes a riot, even killing General Lazer when he finally gets his DNA. Johnny went to jail.

    Powers and Abilities

    Johnny Dee has a unique ability to possess and control sentient beings through the use of organic dolls his chest orifice sheds after being feed the DNA of the being Johnny wishes to control. The organic dolls are comparable to voodoo dolls, miniature replica casts of whoever he has created via his chest. Manipulating said character dolls will allow Johnny to manipulate and control the real life figure.


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