Johnny Cloud

    Character » Johnny Cloud appears in 197 issues.

    Navajo World War II fighter pilot and later member of The Losers.

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    Johnny Cloud was named "Flying Cloud" by his father, a Navajo Indian Chief. Johnny was the victim of predudice growing up and as a Lieutenant and fighter pilot in the U.S. Army Air Force. He singlehandedly killed a large number of Nazi planes. He was saved by his patrol leader, who was fatally wounded. His patrol leader's last wish was for Johnny to be his successor. He had a brillant career as leader of "the Happy Braves" and as "C-for-Cloud Flight".

    He would eventually be promoted to the rank of Capatain. He continued to feel like a victim of racial preducide after his promotion. Cloud always felt responsible when a pilot died under his command. When a pilot named "Wyoming", who was flying beside him died in aerial combat, Cloud's guilt-ridden actions flew him into a mountain.

    He would be picked up by Jeb Stuart of the Haunted Tank. Stuart also picked up Captain Storm, a PT boat commander with the Marines, and Gunner and Sarge, of the Army. They all felt like "Losers" because of past failures. Military High Command suggested they join forces as a detached task force known officially as the "Losers" They were all beleived to have died during the closing days of World War Two. This has been found to be false.

    Johnny Cloud survived to see America's Bicentennial. He met up with Captain Storm Gravedigger, Gunner and Sarge, Jeb Stuart, and Mademoiselle Marie for a reunion. They beleived Marie's son was Frank Rock's because of the strong resemblance. He had become a Congressman who had served three terms. The group also came to a decision that the bartender was the Unknown Soldier.


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