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    Johnny Bravo is the narcissistic, buff, intellectually challenged protagonist of the Johnny Bravo TV Series.

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    Johnny Bravo was created by Van Partible for the television network known as Cartoon Network. He is a stereotypical beef-cake, who cares more about his appearance and wooing women than he does about anything else in the world. Most episodes of the show are centered around Johnny trying to gain the attention or attraction of any various female.


    Johnny Bravo is a young Beefcake who lives in Aron City. He has only a few friends which include his mother, Little Suzy, and a nerd named Carl Chryniszzswics.

    Johnny's typical adventures in the show revolve around the pursuit of various women. Generally these adventures result in Johnny getting beaten up or humiliated by the woman he was trying to attract in each episode.

    While most episodes revolve around a flirtatious Johnny trying to attract a woman some take an odd or strange twist. One episode features a parody of the Twilight Zone called the "Zone, Where normal things don't happen very often", where another features Bravo having to take over as Santa Clause since he had knocked him out earlier in the episode.

    The show makes various pop culture references, one being the name of the city that Johnny lives in, Aron City, Aron being the middle name of Elvis, who Johnny bears a resemblance to. The show has also made musical parodies such as in "The Time of my Life" where he sings a parody of "Da Doo" from the Little Shop of Horrors.

    There was also an instance in which Johnny Bravo and Mystery Inc met. There was a joke in the episode where both Velma and Johnny bumped into each other and lost their glasses. Where Velma uses the statement "Where are my glasses, I can't see without my glasses!" Johnny shouts "Where are my glasses, I can't BE seen without my glasses!". This is a reference to the fact that Johnny is ALWAYS seen with his glasses on and viewers have never seen him without them.

    Johnny has met both fictional and nonfictional stars such as Adam West, Donny Osmond, and Santa Clause.


    Johnny is a typical male Beefcake. He values his physical appearance over everything else in the world. Johnny also is never seen without his trademark glasses, this was used as humor in the Scooby Doo crossover event. Johnny has very limited intelligence and is easily duped into helping his friends Carl and Little Suzy do various things like act as an experiment or pretend to be a Superhero.

    There are two things that Johnny seems to fear in his life, those being Clowns and getting a job. In "The Man who Cried Clown" Johnny sees a clown on the wing of the plane he's riding in and being to panic. In "Johnny, Real Good!" his mother tells him that he should find a job causing Johnny to shout and wave his arms in the air.

    Johnny bears a very similar resemblance to Elvis, this is because his character was based on an Elvis Impersonator. He talks with a similar speech pattern to Elvis. He also wears a pompadour hairstyle and moves with quick and sudden gestures.

    He displays various levels of increase Strength, Speed, and Durability due to being a cartoon character thus granting him cartoon physics. These levels are questionable though due to the fact that Johnny is typically beat up by characters that appear weaker than him. Johnny also has a very low combat ability, he's tried to take martial arts classes with Master Hamma but fails them. Johnny also fought against a telepath named Timmy who shrunk Johnny down to the size of an ant and continued to teleport him to a random cornfield.

    Johnny also shows the ability to break the 4th wall, constantly talking to the audience. He is also aware that he is in a Cartoon.


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