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    Citizen V is a legendary hero that spans generations. The name has not only spread throughout a family but was also used by other people including superheroes, and even super-villains.

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    This page is designated to John Watkins III. For the original Citizen V see: John Watkins.

    For others who used the name see: Paulette Brazee, Baron Zemo, or Dallas Riordan.


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    Unlike the others who donned the costume of Citizen V by their own choice, the Sixth Citizen V, John Watkins III, was essentially born and trained specifically to be the hero. While growing up, John Watkins III was involved in Battalion V before becoming Citizen V, so he had plenty of training and experience. During the time John Watkins III was Citizen V, he was seriously injured and had to be put in the hospital in a coma. John Watkins III remained in this state until after Dallas Riordan left Battalion V, at which point he apparently wakes up and appears in perfect health; however, Baron Zemo had actually taken over Watkins' mind after having it placed there by Techno.

    Beron Zemo took control of John's body for some time and did some missions for the V-Battalion, including working together with Captain America. After Baron Zemo was discovered and Watkins' mind was all his own again, Watkins remained Citizen V and began doing missions under the mantle of the hero.


    John Watkins III first appeared (while comatose) in Thunderbolts issue 45 (2000). The modern costume of Citizen V however already first appeared in The Incredible Hulk issue 449 (1997), when it was worn by Baron Zemo. A variety of other people wore the costume before John Watkins III did. He remains the current Citizen V.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Everlasting

    John Watkins III eventually finds himself in combat against the Everlasting. A thread that his father faced before as well many years ago. He and the V-Battalion brought this mission to a good end, witch also avenged his father's death all those many years ago.

    Cable & Rumekistan

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    Some months later, Watkins III and the V-Battalion became very interested in the country Rumekistan, which had a civil war and was on the brink of another war. In order to keep the peace, they helped the organization known as ULTIMATUM to rule it. Later, when the mutant and X-Man known as Cable took up the role of protector, Citizen V battled the X-Man, thinking him to be a terrorist. However, when they learned of his true plans and good intentions with the country, Citizen V and the V-Battalion helped Cable to become commander over the country.

    Current Status

    Citizen V and the V-Battalion have not been seen in recent months, but are presumed to still fight in the shadows for a better world.

    More recently, Citizen V was seen on a number of promotional posters for All-New, All-Different Marvel but has yet to make an appearance.

    Other Versions

    Old Man Hawkeye / Old Man Logan Universe

    It was revealed that John Watkins III was killed just one week before the Fall of the Heroes took place. While he was killed, he was leading the Thunderbolts. Baron Zemo killed him with his own sword and took his place as Citizen V beside the now-switched Thunderbolt team, whom all took an important roll in the fall and death of the superheroes.


    John Watkins Junior - The Third Citizen V

    John Watkins Jr. as the third Citizen V
    John Watkins Jr. as the third Citizen V

    During the 1970's a third individual assumed the identity of Citizen V, the supposed son of John Watkins Sr., John Watkins Junior (or John Jr.). He was raised around the V Battalion by their nannies and maids, growing up to be just like his father. While Citizen V, John Jr. asked the Shadow King for information regarding the Everlasting. This was a secret program witch threatened life on earth. Soon after this mission, John Jr. was killed in action. Just like his father he left a son behind, witch was John Watkins III. The only difference being Jr.'s son was only two years old when his father died.

    Powers and Abilities

    Watkins III, in his guise as Citizen V, uses an adamantium sword as his primary weapon. He is a highly trained swordsman and knife thrower, as well as being gifted at unarmed combat. Watkins III also makes use of various other gadgets, such as a collapsible flying platform (the V-Wing), grappling hooks, and other objects. His suit is equipped with a cloaking device.


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