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Personal Life

The Traveler book 5 by John Shirley
The Traveler book 5 by John Shirley

John Shirley was born in Houston Texas in 1953, though most of his formative years were spent in the Portland Oregon area. In addition to writing some of the most startlingly original fiction imaginable, he has been the front man for several punk/rock bands, including The Panther Moderns, Obsession, and SadoNation. He has also written many song lyrics for other bands including Blue Oyster Cult and D.C. Moon. Shirley has a long history of writing quick fiction under pseudonyms, having written most of the Traveller series and several novellas in The Specialist series. He is one of the earliest writers to explore the "cyberpunk" movement in science fiction, as well as one of the founding fathers of what became "splatterpunk"within the horror fiction genre.

Comics Work

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For a writer who has turned out hundreds of short stories that scream for adaptation to the comics art form, Shirley's work has rarely been touched. Whether this is intentional on the part of the author or not is unclear, but his back catalog would be amazing adapted to comics form. He has however written some original works for comics.

Original Stories

1980 Heavy Metal #198009 Into the Breach by Shirley and Leo Duranona

1982 Heavy Metal #198204 The State of Science Fiction (article) by Shirley

2012 The Crow #1-5 by Shirley and Kevin Colden

2012 Zombies vs. Robots: Z-Boyz in the Robotic Graveyard (graphic novel) by Shirley and Daniel Bradford

2014 Vampirella Feary Tales #1 Cinderella?Vampirella! by Shirley and Elmo Eklabuz

Other Media


Dracula In Love 1979
Dracula In Love 1979

1979 Transmaniacon

1979 Dracula In Love

1980 City Come A-Walkin'

1980 Three-Ring Psychus

1981 The Brigade

1982 Cellars

1985 Eclipse

1988 Eclipse Penumbra

1990 Eclipse Corona

1988 In Darkness Waiting

1988 Kamus of Kadizar: The Black Hole of Caracosa

1988 A Splendid Chaos

1991 Wetbones

1996 Silicon Embrace

2000 Demons

2001 "...And The Angel With the Television Eyes"

2001 The View From Hell

2001 Her Hunger

2002 Spider Moon

2002 Demons (updated version packaged with the sequel novel Undercurrents)

2003 Crawlers

2005 Doom (film novelization)

2005 Constantine (film novelization)

Hellblazer: War Lord 2006
Hellblazer: War Lord 2006

2006 John Constantine, Hellblazer: War Lord

2006 Predator: Forever Midnight

2006 Batman: Dead White

2006 John Constantine, Hellblazer: Subterranean

2007 The Other End

2007 Alien: Steel Egg

2008 Black Glass

2009 Bleak History

2011 Bioshock: Rapture

2011 Borderlands: The Fallen

2011 Everything Is Broken

2012 Borderlands: Unconquered

2013 Doyle After Death

2013 Grimm: The Icy Touch

2013 Watch Dogs //n/Dark Clouds

2014 Wyatt In Wichita

2014 Halo: Broken Circle

Story Collections

1989 Heatseeker

1993 New Noir

1996 The Exploded Heart

1998 Black Butterflies

1999 Really, Really, Really, Really Weird Stories

2001 Darkness Divided

2007 Living Shadows

2011 In Extremis: The Most Extreme Short Stories of John Shirley


2004 Gurdjieff-An Introduction to His Life and Ideas

Video Games

1995 Dark Seed 2 (story consultant)


Shirley has had a long involvement with the Punk and Rock music scenes. He wrote eight of the eleven tracks on the Blue Oyster Cult albums Curse of the Hidden Mirror and Heaven Forbid. He has worked with Sado Nation, Obsession, and D.C. Moon. He still fronts his own punk band the Panther Moderns.

Movies and Television

Television Series

1986 Defenders of the Earth (Animated Series) - Doorways Into Darkness

1987 The Real Ghostbusters (Animated Series) - The Old College Spirit

BraveStarr Cartoon
BraveStarr Cartoon

1987-1988 BraveStarr (Animated Series)

- Big Thirty and Little Wimble

- The Wrong Hands

- Trouble Wears a Badge

- Balance of Power

- Brothers In Crime

- BraveStarr and the Empress

- Shake Hands With Long Arm John

1988 RoboCop (Series)

- The Brotherhood

- No News Is Good News

- A Robot's Revenge

1995 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Series) - Visionary

1996 Red Shoe Diaries (Series) - Weightless

1996 Poltergeist: The Legacy (Series) - Do Not Go Gently

1996 The Adventures of Sinbad (Animated Series) - King Firouz

1997 VR.5 (Series) - Parallel Lives

1997 Profit (Series) - Cupid

1997 Twists of Terror (TV Movie)

Spawn The Animated Series
Spawn The Animated Series

1998 Spawn (Animated Series)

- Home, Bitter Home

- Access Denied

- Colors of Blood

1999 The Night of the Headless Horseman (TV Movie)

2000 Batman Beyond (Animated Series) - Sentries of the Last Cosmos

2012 Iron Man: Armored Adventures (Animated Series) - Control-Alt-Delete

2014-2015 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Animated Series)

- The Manhattan Project: Part 2

- The Invasion: Part 2

- The Moons of Thalos 3


1994 The Crow (With David J. Schow)

1994 The Specialist (Consultant)

2009 The Tomb


International Horror Guild Award

1998 Best Short Story - Cram

1999 Best Collection - Black Butterflies: A Flock on the Dark Side

Bram Stoker Award

1999 Best Collection - Black Butterflies: A Flock on the Dark Side


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