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    Col. John Sheppard is the leader of the Stargate Atlantis team in the Pegasus Galaxy

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    Going to Pegasus

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    Despite John Sheppard's career choice to join the military he is in fact a member of a very wealthy family and his father had a different plan for his son when he became 14. This has caused some friction between him and his father but John still achieved a high education and at one point even said he took a MENSA test. When his time at college was over Sheppard went to join the U.S Air Force. He became a very decorated officer and was apart of a number of missions and other than Antarctica he has gone to every continent. He even got married to a woman named Nancy but after a while they divorced due to John's life style.Eventually Sheppard was ordered to fly Gen Jack O'Neill to the Atlantis outpost after it was discovered and the weapons used to destroy Anubis and his army. They where attacked by one of the drones that had gone rouge and Sheppard was revealed to posses the genetic gene that is required for a person to see Ancient tech and he even had a stronger gene than anyone they had seen so far other than O'Neill himself.

    After joining the mission to the Lost City of Atlantis along with Rodney McKay and Dr. Weir the group found that the city was quickly losing power and the team needed to find either source of power or a new home. Either way the Atlantis team sent out search parties to other planets and Sheppard lead one to a world called Athos. There the team met the leader of the Athosians named Teyla. They soon noticed that there was a hostile race of aliens called the Wraith which are alien (Iratus bugs) human hybrids that feed of the humans in this galaxy.

    The attempted to Cull the people on Athos and took some of the Athosians as well as the humans. John as well as Teyla went on a mission to get the people back. When they did they accidentally caused the entire Wraith population to awaken. The Wraith over a period of time have to hibernate after they consume to many humans but the Atlantis people woke them up early. Teyla (mirroring Teal'c) joined the Atlantis team to fight against the Wraith since they felt it was their fault the galaxy was no in danger.

    However the people of Atlantis where not the only force against the Wraith. The human group known as the Genii also had amassed an army and level of technology that gave them a chance at fighting the Wraith. However the Genii cared more for themselves in the battle against the Wraith and although an enemy of the Wraith also became an enemy of the Atlantis team. John was forced to fight against a Genii team on his own when they invaded Atlantis during a massive storm.

    Wraith Wanting Earth

    Later the Wraith who had been fighting the Atlantis team on a day to day bases changed their tactics. Due to waking to early the Wraith did not have enough humans to eat for food and needed a new feeding ground. They decided to use the Stargate of Atlantis and make there way to earth and then the whole Milky Way galaxy teaming with more life. They attacked the city but luckily the people of Atlantis had enough warning to call for help from earth and they sent the new ship the Daedalus along with the ZPM to power the city's shield.

    John and Rodeny however knew they couldn't fight the Wraith back for long and so they came up with a plan. The would explode a nuke over the city and turn the shield into a cloak and gave the Wraith the thought that they destroyed the city so they couldn't get it. This worked and the Wraith left but after the battle Aiden Ford was discovered to have been wounded by the Wraith but as a side effect he was exposed to a chemical they produce that makes their prey live longer when feeding. However the exposure made him stronger faster and all around more powerful but he is now dependent on the chemical and had to hunt the Wraith to live.

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    He left the city and after leaving of course the team went after him. However after finding him on a planet the team also met a Wraith "Runner named Ronon Dex. Ronon as a Runner is a human they Wraith hunt for sport deeming him strong enough to be worthy. However unlike most he was so strong had lived for a much longer time than expected. After Dr. Carson Becket removed the tracking device in his back he joined the team in place of Ford who had allowed himself to be taken by the Wraith to hunt and kill them from the inside out.

    Like the team in the Milky Way Galaxy Sheppard's group had numerous adventures and during one the humans thought they had met a scientist who could cure Wraith feeding. He had adopted a young Wraith girl named Ellia who he could not force himself to kill and began to raise her as his own. He found that although adult Wraith need humans to feed off of as young they can eat like humans which explains why they still have mouths and teeth. Becket even showed him the possible cure the team was hoping would turn Wraith into humans.

    However Ellia was saddened to reveal to her father that his treatment did not work and she had in secret been killing humans with the help of an adult Wraith. She took the drug hoping to turn human but the treatment literally back fired. Instead of increasing her human side it weakened making her more alien. She cut John's hand during a fight before she was killed. The wound had somehow transfered the effect of the drug onto him and despite not being a Wraith he began to become more like the alien half of a Wraith. However the team was able to cure him by using more DNA from Iratus bugs turning John back into a human.

    Eventually however they got the drug to work right and used it on a captured Wraith. The drug slowly turned him human and made him lose his memories. As a human they named him Michael Kenmore but he needed to be treated with the drug to stay human. However his Wraith memories and emotions began to emerge and he fought back against the humans. However he formed a strong bound with Teyla who he felt shared something with him since both where now part human and Wraith as even though Michael began to turn back Wraith a part of him was still more human than the others.

    New Enemies

    However word got to the Wraith of the cure that the humans had and decided to make a plan for it. Despite Wraith living in hives a Wraith is only loyal to its won hive and their queen but most hives do not get along well with each other and tend to fight over food and have now gone to war. One hive came to Atlantis with a proposal. Since the Wraith where low on humans to feed and the humans to could turn their enemy Wraith into humans the Atlantis team agreed to bomb hives with the drug and turn the Wraiths inside to humans and let the Wraith feed on them in return the humans would gain data on the Wraith.

    But the Wraith betrayed Atlantis and left a virus in their computers and took Ronon and Rodney hostage. After sneaking on the Hive and teaming with Michael who is as much a prisoner as him he works with the Atlantis team to destroy the Wraith hive and release the gas as planned. The Wraith now humans are memoryless and fall easy and the team takes the hive ship.

    After being captured by his old Genii enemy Koyla Sheppard was thrown in prison with a Wraith. To escape John needed to work with the Wraith and named him Todd. The did escaped and John even killed Koyla once and for all.

    Atlantis would late be visited by what they thought where the ancients returning to there home. The people had a vast knowledge of much of the city and seemed like the real deal, but to everyones dismay they where not. The people where actually replicators or really there Pegasus Galaxy counter parts the Asurans. These repilcators where far more advanced than even human form replicators and wanted revenge against the ancients for being abandoned by their creators.

    The Asurans where meant to be weapons against the Wraith but their lack of emotion made them a threat to the Ancients and where almost wiped out. But as machine they rebuilt and now wanted to make the humans living on atlantis pay for the actions of the ancients. They attacked the city but where stopped by a virus created by Atlantis.

    However the Asurans made another attempt on the city after they where attacked by the humans new ship the Apollo. The Asurans made a type of satellite laser that hovered in space above the city firing a continuos stream of energy at the city. The shield was holding but could not keep up the strain and would eventually fail. John came up with a plan to start up the star drive of the city and fly it away from the beam while a meteor was used to temporarily block its path.

    They had to turn off the shield to save power and turn it back on before they hit space. They made it far from the planet but before they could get the shield back up a blast grazed the city and hurt a number of people including Dr. Weir. They entered hyper space and began to fly to a new home world but the hyper drive was damaged by the shot and came out to early. They where literally lost in space with no planet, moons, or stargates to use.

    To make things even worse the shield began to lose power and would soon fail venting the city population into space. However to solve their problem the team made a daring plan to head a Asuran planet and take a ZPM to power the shield. After healing Weir with Asuran nanites they made the mission and even found the code that the Wraith have that makes them hunt Wraith that they shut off. The reactivated and escaped but had to leave Weir who used her new connection with the Asurans to hold them back.

    Samantha Carter was promoted to leading the team in Weir's absence. While on a mission in space Sheppard made an ally out of a woman named Larrin. Larrin and her people needed some one with the ability to use Atlantean technology and fix their Atlantean ship. However instead of just asking they imprisoned John and he called for help but instead of his team the Wraith came. Larrin and John had to work together to defeat the Wraith on the ship. Both groups parted ways on seemingly good terms.

    Later Larrin and Sheppard would meet again. After reprograming the replicators to attack the Wraith the decided to fight them by killing off the humans of the galaxy. Needed to build an army Sheppard contacted Larrin and her people to lead a massive assault on the replicators. Rodney decided the best way to finally get rid of the replicators would be to create a replicator that would absorb all their mass and then sink into the planet and blow up the planet. The plan worked and the galaxy was free of replicators.

    Michael and his Hybrids

    As Teyla's pregnancy was almost over she finally found her missing people. The Athosians had been taken by Michael. He wanted to create a new race not human or Wraith but both and used the Athosians as his test subject. He took Teyla and wanted to take her baby for it's natural connection to being more Wraith. The team tried to save her but couldn't get to her in time and Michael's forces where gone.

    On a trip alone Sheppard was accidently sent thousands of years in the future. He found that Michael eventually took over the Pegasus galaxy and caused the break down of the Atlantis team and the deaths of many of the team including Teyla. But Rodney left a message of himself that would help John get back to his time line and stop that from happening and the first part was saving Teyla. They eventually found her but Michael still got free. Her baby was born and she named him Torren John for her father and John himself. Sadly however Richard Woosley was sent to replace Col Carter.

    Later the team got a great shock they found Weir however she was no longer human. She had worked with a few replicators trying to find a way for them to ascend however the plan failed and they where trapped in a type of limbo. The team agreed to help them even providing new replicator bodies. But Weir having lost herself by being one of them decided they she and the other couldn't be trusted and told the team to leave her and the others in deep space.

    Later Michael came back and took over the city. He still wanted Teyla son Torrin John. Teyla fled from him to save her baby but he was relentless. Eventually the team took back the city and killed Michael.

    The End

    In an alternate timeline John had become a detective and never joined the team. However a Wraith had made its way to earth and wanted to signal the others and bring them to earth. This Rodney was still apart of the team but he was now rich and not as full of himself. He wanted John's help having met this timelines John. John eventually found the Wraith and Rodney bombed the wraith killing him. Only a bit of his signal was sent so that Wraith of that world didn't get it but the signal was stronger in other dimensions like ours.

    The Wraith used a new ship powered by a ZPM and sent it to earth. No one could stop it and the teams only hope was to either destroy it from the inside. A team was sent to get aboard the ship and try and stop it, but it was taking to long and Woosely decided to bring the city to earth. He started up the star drive and using a new form of hyper drive made it to earth. The hive was destroyed and the city crashed on earth but was cloaked so it just seemed like a fire ball in the sky. On earth the team took some r&r and wanted before going back to Pegasus.


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    John Sheppard is a very unique person. As a soldier he has allot of training in both hand to hand combat and fire arms. After joining the Atlantis team he has become familiar in the use of alien weapons not seen on earth such as Wraith stunners and genii guns. After he and Teyla met Teyla began to train John repeatedly in different martial arts of her people. After he met Ronon he also began to teach John and spar with him although Ronon usually uses him more as a punching bag than just training him. Since John has one of the strongest atlantis genes left he can use and activate almost all atlantean technology and control it with just a thought. His skill with this is so strong that he is always the go to person to pilot any alien device including Wraith darts. As a member of the air force he is also accustomed to piloting any human space craft even FO2s. Uniquely John is actually very intelligent and cunning but has a very laid back personality. He once took a test for Mensa and was able to solve one question he later used on a mission that Rodney couldn't solve. Usually both Rodney and John come up with the plans to save the city from destruction.


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