John Ostrander

    Person » John Ostrander is credited in 1033 issues.

    Writer known for his series Grimjack as well as acclaimed lengthy tenures on DC's Suicide Squad, The Spectre, Firestrom and Martian Manhunter. He has also written several Star Wars comics at Dark Horse.

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    John Ostrander is a comic book writer, most well known for his work on Dark Horse's Star Wars line. He has contributed greatly to enhancing the Star Wars universe through the comic book medium, with some installments of the Star Wars: Republic series as well as completely displaying a vision of the Star Wars future in his award winning series Star Wars: Legacy.

    He has also done large amounts of work on DC's Suicide Squad as well as other greatly regarded DC's comics such as Spectre, Martian Manhunter, Firestorm, Hawkworld and Batman, in the story arc "Grotesk". With Spectre DC allowed Ostrander to end Jim Corrigan's journey.

    John was born on April 20th 1949, making him one of the oldest comic writers still writing.

    Ostrander suffers from glaucoma and is a costly condition for any writer.

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