John Maddox

    Character » John Maddox appears in 48 issues.

    A dupe of Jamie Madrox, the multiple-man whom built a life for himself as a family man and pastor

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    John Maddox was released as one of the many dupes Jamie Prime had sent around the world to learn and experience new things for him, this dupe in particular was to study religion. Several years later, Madrox begins to track down his wayward dupes one by one and reabsorbs them until he reaches John who he is surprised to find had made a life for himself.

    John Maddox had created a name for himself as his town's pastor and married a woman and had a son. When Madrox tracks him down at his church, Maddox attempts to escape and for a time disappears, and his wife mistakes Jamie Prime for him. After spending time with his family, Madrox is finally confronted by John who claims he will fight for his life, which he promptly draws a gun and points it at Madrox. Madrox urges him to shoot, but John finds he cannot and submits. Madrox leaves him, deciding to let him live his life with his family, taking with him a picture of John's wife and son.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Maddox's Secret

    When a convenient store is being held up, Maddox is called in to subdue the gunman only to be surprised to find Madrox is in the store at the time of the hold up. He winds up talking the gunman out of murdering the hostage and Maddox returns to his church here Madrox is awaiting him. Madrox begins to speak of suicide due to his guilt over absorbing his son, who was unknowingly a dupe. He comes to the realization that John's son was not absorbed when Madrox touched him and attempts to reveal to John that his son was not his own, but Maddox already knows and confirms his wife had an affair.

    Madrox then pulls out his gun in an attempt to kill himself over his depression and guilt involving his own son and Layla Miller being trapped in the future. John attempts to rush Jamie to stop him, however Jamie sprays him with a sort of knock out spray and John passes out leaving Jamie the opportunity to commit suicide, however it is prevented by the arrival of a grown Layla Miller.

    Maddox Under Fire

    Maddox awakes from the knock out gas in time to see Madrox and Layla vanish in a bright light and is suddenly shot at by a mysterious man. Maddox is able to avoid being hit, and it surprised when the man instead turns the gun on himself and kills himself. Rictor and Strong Guy discover Maddox on the internet and agree to pay him a visit. When they arrive the converse and attempt to find the whereabouts of Jamie Prime until they are attacked by a mysterious assassin.

    The assassin is revealed to be Shatterstar who is under the control of Cortex, and evil dupe of Madrox from the future who plotted the assassination of Maddox and several X-Factor clients. Strong Guy and Rictor protect Maddox and Rictor manages to break Cortex's hold by kissing Shatterstar who then apologized for attacking Maddox.

    Shatterstar attempts to apologize to Maddox, who decides every time X-Factor comes around her gets attacked and that they should leave and not return. After a short attempt at convincing Maddox he needed their protection, they agree to leave.

    Maddox Meets Siryn

    Maddox next appears to Siryn as she is visiting her father's grave in Ireland, where he claims to be for a seminar. He offers Siryn a handkerchief and she mistakes him for Jamie Prime and punches him, only to realize he did not created a dupe upon impact nor did he have the "M" tattoo on his face. Maddox attempts to get Siryn to talk about her problems, which she initially refuses to do until she finally snaps and the two have a heart to heart until they hear a gun shot.

    Siryn and Maddox approach the scene of the gun shot to see two hunters accidentally killed a fawn. Siryn is angered and delivers an amplified scream, which frightens the hunters away and she mourns the death of the fawn. She and Maddox continue to talk and Siryn contemplates whether or not she should use Banshee as her new codename, to which Maddox claims her father would likely be honored. Siryn breaks down and cries into Maddox's shoulder.


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